Kona on Mt. Chester (1150 m gain)


On Mt. Chester (elev. 3054 m) on Canada Day July 1st weekend. Gusty Peak and The Fortress immediately behind. Sparrowhawk, Lougheeds, Bogart and Kidd from left in background. Below, good snow in gully for step-kicking up and glissading down.


Below, Gunther (4 yrs) at col on way up.


Below, close-up of The Fist, Tent Ridge and Mt. Shark with ‘11,000ers’ Mt. Assiniboine and Lunette rising up behind (Kona’s ‘dad’ scrambled Lunette, and added in Assiniboine for the second time, in a long day from car-to-car in 1990).


Also above, artistic impression of Assiniboine from near ACC Hind hut.