Kona on Mt. Indefatigable (1000 m gain)


From Indefatigable South Peak in mid-June with Gap Mountain, Mt. Elpoca (climbed by Kona’s ‘dad’ in 1989) and Tombstone South behind. Above Kona’s ear is Mt. Schlee (climbed by Kona’s ‘dad’ in 1997 with son Jason – ‘Grizzly Group’s’ 1st ascent 1976 register below).

Jason Mt Schlee Aug 3 97 -5

Below, view to Upper Kananaskis Lake, Mt. Sarrail to left and Mt. Lyautey to right of Hidden Lake. Mt. Joffre in clouds.


Below, view to Lower Kananaskis Lake with snowy Mt. Rae behind.