Mt. Roberta (600 m elev. gain)

Kona on Mt. Roberta, Gap Mtn behind

Kona on Mt. Roberta in late November just before the winter road closure of the Highwood Pass highway. Lawson South peak at left, Gap Mountain and Opal Range peaks directly behind.

Kona on Mt. Roberta, Pocaterra Ridge behind

View from Mt. Roberta to the south of Mount Rae, Pocaterra Ridge, Highwood Ridge and Grizzly Ridge at Highwood Pass.

Kona on descent from Mt. Roberta

Heading back from Mt. Roberta, view to west with low clouds over Elk Pass. North ridge of Mount Pocaterra at left.

Kona on Mt. Roberta, view to north

Kona on Mt. Roberta, on a low wind and seasonally warm weather day, waiting for breakfast.

Mt. Roberta (600 m gain)


Zeppelin (7 years) showing off the latest in mountain gear on Mt. Roberta in late October. Mt. Indefatigable, Lower Kananaskis Lake and South end of Mt. Lawson behind.


Zeppelin at left posing for photos. Kona at centre with new friends.

Kona Mt. Roberta Oct 2019
Kona on final ridge of Mt. Roberta in late October

Kona on final slope below summit.