Kona on Mt. Collembola (1650 m elevation gain including Mt. Allan)


Kona (2 yrs) on Mt. Collembola on Halloween day – ascent from Skogan Pass trail continuing on to Mt. Allan and out Centennnial Trail back to Ribbon creek parking lot, circumnavigating Nakiska ski area. ┬áPigeon Mt in background.

Kona on Wasootch Peak (900 m elevation gain)

Kona on Wasootch Peak
Kona on Wasootch Peak


Kona (1-1/2 years) keeping her eye on the cheeseburger on Wasootch summit. Mt. Bogart, Mt. Sparrowhawk, Mt. Lougheed 1 to 4 (Wind Mountain), Mt. Allan, Mt. Collembola and Nakiska ski area behind.