Kona on Rimwall (980 m gain)


Late June on Rimwall Summit with Colembolla, Allan, Lougheed and Sparrowhawk behind. Kona scampered up and down the two minor cliffbands near the top after a little coaxing. Below, enjoying the Knorr chicken broth flavored water, one way to get her to drink more.


Below, starting down from summit, Spray Lake Reservoir below.


Below, view to Three Sisters, with ‘The Orphan’, barely discernible in front of Middle Sister.


Below, artistic impression of Lougheed from Windtower/ Rimwall direction.

Lougheed from Windtower

Buddy on Boundary Peak (880 m gain)

Boundary Peak & Mt Athabasca Aug 09 061

Buddy (9 yrs) with ‘sisters’ Kirsten and Karin on way up Boundary Peak, impressive views of Mt. Athabasca with North Face, Silverhorn and standard North Glacier (approach and descent) Routes. Below on summit of Boundary viewing the East Ridge ascent route.

Boundary Peak & Mt Athabasca Aug 09 075

Below Silverhorn from North Face route in 1986.


Mt Athabasca N Face Aug 31 86-34 British Army Climbers on Silverhorn

Below Boundary Peak from Silverhorn route in 1985.

Mt Athabasca Jul 27 85 -14

Below, artistic impression of Athabasca from Boundary Peak.

Athabasca from Boundary Peak


Kona on Read’s Tower (920 m gain)


Kona on Read’s Tower on June 18th, view towards Sparrowhawk in clouds. Visibility and icy conditions turned us back from Sparrowhawk at 70 m below summit (pic below), so this (and the breakfast burrito) is the ‘consolation prize’ for the day’s effort.


Below, returning from upper slopes to below Read’s Tower.


Kona on Mt. Indefatigable (1000 m gain)


From Indefatigable South Peak in mid-June with Gap Mountain, Mt. Elpoca (climbed by Kona’s ‘dad’ in 1989) and Tombstone South behind. Above Kona’s ear is Mt. Schlee (climbed by Kona’s ‘dad’ in 1997 with son Jason – ‘Grizzly Group’s’ 1st ascent 1976 register below).

Jason Mt Schlee Aug 3 97 -5

Below, view to Upper Kananaskis Lake, Mt. Sarrail to left and Mt. Lyautey to right of Hidden Lake. Mt. Joffre in clouds.


Below, view to Lower Kananaskis Lake with snowy Mt. Rae behind.


Kona on Middle Sister (Charity) (1400 m gain)


Above, Kona on Middle Sister in early June. Little Sister (Hope) (climbed by Kona’s ‘dad’ in 1990), Wind Ridge and Pigeon Mountain behind.


Above, view towards Wind Tower, Rimwall, Loughheeds 1 and 2, Sparrowhawk, and beer cooling in snow.


Above, view to adjoining ridge with Ship’s Prow, Lawrence Grassi.


Above, quick descent down snow slopes. French and Robertson glaciers left of 3406 m Mt. Sir Douglas (climbed in 1986), Birdwood (climbed in 1988), Nestor (climbed in 1988) and Old Goat (climbed in 1996).


Above, Kona enjoying the snow.

Middle Sister Jun 11 88-2 Mort Morrow register

Above, Mort Morrow’s summit register tribute (ash urn?) and less developed Canmore in 1988.


Above, close-up of Wind Tower, Lougheed 1 (first climbed by Kona’s ‘dad’ in 1982, and later in 1989 on Lougheed peaks 1 to 4 traverse) and Sparrowhawk.