Cox Hill (730 m elev. gain)

Kona – Cox Hill

Kona near summit of Cox Hill on first full day of spring with good hard-packed snow trail all the way.

Kona – Cox Hill

Windblown Summit of Cox Hill. Jumping Pound Hill behind.

Yamnuska West Col (650 m elev. gain)

Kona Yam-Goat Col

Windy mid-February day at col between Yamnuska and Goat Mountain after following the new scrambler’s descent route (most of the way, lost trail near end in fresh wind-blown snow)

Trail Sign near col

No fresh tracks on West Col Descent route

West Col route sign near end of loop

Unable to locate trail shortly after this point due to fresh windblown snow, so headed up a bare scree slope to regain old trail.

West Col map

Trailhead map showing new West Col Descent trail.

Raven’s End Hike (530 m elev. gain)

Kona on Yam East End

At top of Raven’s End hike just below Yamnuska cliffs in early February – Morrowmount and Wendell behind.

Kona above CMC Valley

On new loop trail at top of Raven’s End with good views of CMC Valley, Morrowmount and Wendell(s).

Kona at Raven’s End Loop

Scrambler’s decision tree sign at top of trail – V-shaped gully behind Kona used to have a large tree log at the base to scramble down a steep cliff section after rock climbing the slabs to the right. Wonder if it’s still there?

Numa Pass (1,200 m overall elev. gain)

Kona – Numa Pass

Kona on ridge (2,378 m) on the Foster Peak side of Numa Pass in early October. Larches losing needles. Floe Lake and “Floe Peak” in the Vermilion Range behind.

Deltaform – Numa Pass

Imposing Mount Deltaform in Valley of the Ten Peaks from Numa Pass.

Kona and Rocky

Kona and Rocky and friends at Numa Pass – The Rockwall behind.

Numa Lake

Heading down from Numa Pass back to the lake.

Kona and Rocky at Floe Lake

Kona and Rocky at Floe Lake

Kona – Floe Lake

Glacial remnant at Floe Lake.