Loder Peak (ca. 900 m elev. gain)


Kona on Loder via Door Jamb following good trail etiquette in the age of Covid, in late May. Grotto, Gap, Lady Macdonald, and Fable behind. MacD’s breakfast burrito and apple pie treats reward for a good dog.

Below, taking advantage of the trip with some plein air oil painting afterwards.


Anklebiter Ridge / Grotto Pond Peak (875 m gain)


Kona practicing social distancing in late May. Pigeon, Lougheeds, WindTower, Rimwall, Orphan, Three Sisters peaks behind, still quite snowy. Below, view toward Mt. McGillivary, Lac Des Arcs and Bow River at high spring levels.


Below, view to Gap Peak, still snowy on scramble ascent ridge to left. Gulley in centre provides an alternate route up or down Gap via Anklebiter ridge, although not as enjoyable and steep slabs are best tackled when dry and free of avalanche hazard.