Snow Peak (900 m elev. gain)


Kona on top on the August long weekend, with Smutwood, Smuts, The Fist and ridge of Birdwood behind.


One of many interesting views from Snow Peak – Gusty Peak, Fortress and Chester.


Mt. Sir Douglas, one of the approximately 50 11,000-foot peaks in the Canadian Rockies, with Whistling Rock ridge on the left and easy Burstall Pass Peak just right of the pass.

Mt Sir Douglas Aug 22 86-17

View along Whistling Rock Ridge of Burstall Pass and Snow Peak, left of towering Mt. Birdwood taken from summit of Sir Douglas Aug 22, 1986.


Another canine friend on way up to the pass (sorry, can’t remember his name).


Glad to be off the peak with thunderstorm (Kona’s worst nightmare) and hail on the way.

Wiwaxy Gap (950 m elev. gain)


A welcome snow patch at the col between Wiwaxy Peaks and Mt. Huber at end of July after about 13.5 km of hiking from the parking lot. Mt. Hungabee at left, Yukness (dark triangular shape), Mt. Biddle above Opabin plateau behind centre and right.


View of Lake Oesa with Lefroy, Glacier, Ringrose, Hungabee, and Yukness in front.


Perfect weather and scenery for working on an oil sketch.


View to Lake O’Hara with Mt. Schaffer (end of the long NW ridge of Biddle), Park Mtn. west of Lake McArthur (hidden) just behind, and Mt. Owen at right.


Approaching Lake Oesa on way down.

Mt Hungabee Aug 18 86-13

View of Wiwaxy Peaks and Gap (behind climber) from near summit of Mt. Hungabee, Aug 18, 1986. Odaray, Stephen, Cathedral behind with Huber at right.

Mt Huber Aug 9 86-2

View of Mt. Hungabee and Ringrose above Lake Oesa from ascent of Huber Aug 9, 1986. Deltaform and Neptuak in Valley of the Ten Peaks to left of Hungabee.





The Onion (1000 m elev. gain)


Bella (8 years) from Prince George on slopes below The Onion in late July with Wapta Icefield behind. Crossed two streams on the way up to avoid the difficult “chockstone”.


DSCF2882Iceberg Lake, the source of Bow Glacier Falls, Mt Thompson at left with Portal Peak in front. Mt. Jimmy Simpson in centre. Observation Peak at distant right.


Popular Wapta Icefield climbs, Mt. Olive, St. Nicholas, and Gordon.

Mt Olive N Apr 5 86-17

Descending Mt. Olive North looking toward St. Nicholas, Thompson and Portal April 5, 1986.

Wapta Peyto Mar 8 & 9 86-3 AK on Mt Thompson

On Mt. Thompson ski ascent from Peyto Hut March 1986. St. Nick and Olive behind.

Bow Hut Ski005 The Onion

View from The Onion during a spring ski trip in the late 1980’s before it had a name.

Wind Ridge (820 m elev. gain)


Rimwall Summit poking through the clouds on the way up, nearing the ridge top in late July.


Wind Tower and the four Lougheed peaks (peak 4 later renamed Wind Mountain, although the Lougheed viewpoint information at the trail head refers to the Lougheed Massive’s five summits, so includes number 4). A peak west of Banff was originally named Mt. Lougheed before the name was transferred to these supposedly more prestigious-looking peaks in the 1940’s. For some reason the original Mt. Lougheed remains without an official name. Mt. Allan at extreme left.


View towards Rimwall Summit and to the right “The Orphan.” Big Sister out of frame to the right.


“Timmy”, one of five other dogs we met ascending the trail on our way down.

Mt Lougheed traverse Jul 22 89-19

View of Wind Ridge, Bow Valley and Grotto Mtn. from steep and loose slopes of Lougheed Peak4 (Wind Mountain) on a long day traverse of the four peaks July 22, 1989.

Tower of Babel (450m elev. gain)


Kona glad to be out of the loose ascent gully by 9am in late July – Moraine Lake below, Peaks Six thru Ten behind with Wenkchemna Pass right of centre and Eiffel Peak on far left.


The rock sofa pose with Bident and one of the four Quadra peaks and glacier above Consolation Lakes. Panorama Ridge at left and Boom Mountain in centre distance.


Mount Babel looming over the Tower.