Wastach Peak (965 m elev. gain)


Kona on Wastach Peak in mid-August – Temple, Pinnacle (hard to distinguish from Temple behind) and Eiffel in background. Didn’t find the Graeme Pole register that was here on a previous visit in 1995. Below, nearing the summit with Wenkchemna Peak (Peak 10 of Valley of Ten Peaks) behind, steep step on normal ascent ridge visible.


Below, view of Wastach Peak (center, left of Eiffel Peak) from other side of valley in 1993.


Saddle Peak and Mt. Fairview (1100 m combined elev. gain)


Kona on Fairview with Paradise Valley peaks Temple, Sheol, Haddo, and in distance Valley of Ten Peaks summits Pinnacle, Eiffel and Deltaform. Clouds hiding Paradise Valley below in early August. Below, view from Fairview to Saddle Peak and Saddleback. “Little Temple” at right.


Below, view of Mt. Aberdeen glacier at left, Mt. Lefroy and long ridge of Mt. Victoria with Lake Louise valley covered in clouds.


Below, closeup of Aberdeen Glacier on Kona’s “Dad’s” traverse of Sheol, Haddow and Aberdeen in 1993.


Below, view of Fairview and hiking ascent trail from Saddle Peak.


Devil’s Thumb (740 m elev. gain)


Kona and Doobey (1-1/2 yrs) on Devil’s Thumb in late July. Mts. Lefroy and Victoria behind. Below, Doobie with panorama of Mts. Aberdeen, Mitre, Lefroy and Victoria; and Kona on trail above the Beehive col.



Below, view back towards Devil’s Thumb (small jutting point on ridge above climber) and Lake Louise from Mt. Victoria¬† (in 1986).

Mt Victoria N Aug 20 86-26

Below, view of Lake Agnes, The Beehive and Devil’s Thumb (extreme right) from the Niblock / Whyte col area (in 2014).


Below, view of Devil’s Thumb (at lower centre) and St Piran (right) from Mt. Fairview across Lake Louise in early August. Mts. Whyte and Niblock immediately behind, and Niles and Daly (large flat Daly glacier) in distance.


The Orphan (870 m elev. gain)


Kona on “The Orphan” with Middle Sister upper scramble slopes and Little Sister (not a scramble) behind, in late July with some fresh snow on higher peaks. Below, views to Mts. Nestor and Old Goat across Spray Reservoir, and Rimwall looks to be easy slopes from Boulder Pass on this side.