Castle Mtn Lookout (560 m elev gain)

Kona Castle Mtn. Lookout

Kona making friends at Castle Mountain Lookout (site of former Eisenhower Fire Lookout) on first day of Spring.

Kona Castle Mtn Lookout

Mount Temple in the clouds to the west. Bow Valley below.

Castle Mtn Lookout trail

Lake Louise Arnica, maybe.

Mt. Hoffman (500 m elev. gain)

Kona – Mt. Hoffman

Kona on Mt. Hoffman in mid-June after some fresh snow on the peaks – Gibraltar Mt. behind.

Forget-Me-Not – Mt. Hoffman

Alpine Forget-Me-Not on Mt. Hoffman

Shooting Stars and Forget-Me-Not

Shooting Stars and Forget-Me-Nots.

Blue Beardtongue – Mt. Hoffman

Blue Beardtongue, maybe

Kona – Sheep River

Interesting vertical rock strata at Sheep River bridge area.

Bluerock Knob (500 m total elev. gain)

Kona – Bluerock Knob

Bluerock Knob in early June with Shunga-la-she Mountain across Sheep River valley behind.

Mt. Burns from Bluerock Knob

View of Mount Burns to west. “Burns East” at centre; main summit at far right.

Prairie Crocus – Bluerock Knob

Prairie Crocus / Pasque Flower on summit.

Bluerock Knob from Shunga-la-she

View to Bluerock Knob (at left, middle) and starting point at lower right from ridge on Shunga-la-she in August, 2012.

Mt. Kidd Fire Lookout (700 m elev. gain)

Kona – Mt. Kidd Fire Lookout

Mt. Kidd Fire Lookout in early June. Still lots of snow on Sparrowhawk and Wind Mountain. Mt. Allan and Colembolla at right. Last time Kona’s “dad” was up here the fire lookout building was still here and fire spotter “Chip” was selling handmade jewelry; before Naksiska ski hill and Kananaskis Golf Course and Village.

Kona – Mt. Kidd

North ridge of Mt. Kidd behind. Remnant of fire lookout.

Kona – Mt. Kidd Fire Lookout

Wasootch Peak (at left) across the Kananaskis River valley.