Mt. Hoffman (500 m elev. gain)

Kona – Mt. Hoffman

Kona on Mt. Hoffman in mid-June after some fresh snow on the peaks – Gibraltar Mt. behind.

Forget-Me-Not – Mt. Hoffman

Alpine Forget-Me-Not on Mt. Hoffman

Shooting Stars and Forget-Me-Not

Shooting Stars and Forget-Me-Nots.

Blue Beardtongue – Mt. Hoffman

Blue Beardtongue, maybe

Kona – Sheep River

Interesting vertical rock strata at Sheep River bridge area.


Mt. Hoffman (462 m elev gain)


Aura (6 months) on Mt. Hoffman at end of May.

Kona Hoffman Burns May 2019
Kona on Mt. Hoffman May 2019 – Mt. Burns behind

Kona on Mt. Hoffman with Mt. Burns massif behind. “Burns East” directly above Kona’s ear, main higher peak further to right.

Burns East Jul 19 2013
View towards Mt. Hoffman from Burns East sub-peak of Mt. Burns

July 19, 2013 view from “Burns East” back towards Mt. Hoffman, at extreme left. (Mt. Burns is not a dog hike although part way up the north ridge would be OK.)