Mt. McArthur (1,515 m gain)


Buddy (5 years) on Mt. McArthur on day hike from Takakkaw Falls parking lot. Normal ascent glacier to Vice-President and President behind. Lake Louise group in centre distance.

Prez&VPfrom McArthur
The President and Vice-President oil 12×16 KrisT 2005

Artistic impression of the President and Vice President.

Isolated Peak Whaleback Mtn. Mt. McArthur Mt. Balfour Trolltinder Mtn. Mt. Daly Mt. Hector Yoho National Park
Isolated Peak and long ridge of Whaleback Mtn. from Mt. McArthur August 2005.

View of Isolated Peak and Whaleback Mtn. from Mt. McArthur.

Kona on Whaleback Mtn. – Mt. McArthur and Isolated Peak

View of Mt. McArthur (at left) from Whaleback Mountain later in Aug 2020. Isolated Peak right of centre.

View of Mt. McArthur (just left of centre) and Isolated Peak (at right) from The President / Vice-President glacier July 26, 1987


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