Read’s Tower (920 m gain)

Kona on Read’s Tower – Mt. Sparrowhawk slopes behind

Kona on Read’s Tower in mid-June, view towards Sparrowhawk summit in clouds. Visibility and icy conditions turned us back from Sparrowhawk at 70 m below summit (pic below), so this (and the breakfast burrito) is the ‘consolation prize’ for the day’s effort.

Kona at high point of Mt. Sparrowhawk attempt in mid-June

Too cold, icy and foggy to continue to Sparrowhawk summit.

Kona on Mt. Sparrowhawk snow slope – Read’s Tower and Spray Lake Reservoir behind

Returning from upper slopes of Mt. Sparrowhawk to below Read’s Tower.

Otto and Fletcher on Read’s Tower

Otto (5 yrs) and Fletcher (3 yrs) on Read’s Tower. Summit of Sparrowhawk in clouds behind.


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