Opal South (1,000 m elevation gain)

Kona Opal South
Kona on Opal South – Mt. Lawson and Mt. Inflexible behind

Kona on Opal South in early July. Mt. Lawson scramble slopes behind and connecting ridge to Mt. Inflexible to right.

Opal South The Fortress
View from Opal South to The Fortress

View across Kananaskis valley to Mt. James Walker, Mt. Chester, The Fortress and Gusty Peak.

Bear Diggings Opal South July 2019
Bear Diggings on Opal South July 2019

Bear diggings in the meadows.

Opal South Mt. Kidd
View north along Opal Ridge from Opal South – Mt. Kidd to left and The Wedge just right of centre

View of ascent ridge from summit with Mt. Kidd, Opal Ridge and The Wedge behind.

Kona Mt. Kidd
Kona on Mt. Kidd – The Wedge, Opal Ridge, Mt. Lawson, Mt. Inflexible, Mt. James Walker behind

View to Opal South (just left of highway) from Mt. Kidd June 6, 2017.

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