Little Lawson (740 m elev. gain)

Kona Lawson South Grizzly
Kona on Lawson South – Opal South Peak, Grizzly Peak, Packenham (sic) Jr. Peak behind

Kona on Little Lawson (Lawson South) on a windy but warm late November day. Opal South, Grizzly Peak and Packenham Jr. behind across Kananaskis River valley.

Kona King Creek Ridge Lawson South
Kona on Lawson South – King Creek Ridge behind

King Creek Ridge from Lawson South.

Kona Little Lawson South
Kona descending Lawson South – Lower Kananaskis Lake below

View down ridge to Lower Kananaskis Lake. Mt. Indefatigable at right.


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