The Onion (1000 m elev. gain)


Bella (8 years) from Prince George on slopes below The Onion in late July with Wapta Icefield behind. Crossed two streams on the way up to avoid the difficult “chockstone”.

The Onion Iceberg Lake Mt. Thompson Portal Peak Mt. Jimmy Simpson Banff National Park Wapta Icefield Bow Lake
Iceberg Lake from the Onion

Iceberg Lake, the source of Bow Glacier Falls, Mt Thompson at left with Portal Peak in front. Mt. Jimmy Simpson in centre. Observation Peak at distant right and Bow Lake below.

Plein Air Painting St. Nicholas Peak Mt. Olive Wapta Icefield The Onion
Plein air painting St. Nicholas Peak

Popular Wapta Icefield climbs, Mt. Olive, St. Nicholas Peak, and Mt. Gordon.

Mt. Olive St. Nicholas Peak Wapta Icefield Mt. Thompson Portal Peak The Onion
Descending Mt. Olive North toward Olive / St. Nicholas col April 5, 1986

Descending Mt. Olive North looking toward St. Nicholas Peak, Mt. Thompson and Portal Peak above The Onion April 5, 1986.

Mt. Thompson St. Nicholas Peak Mt. Olive Wapta Icefield
View toward The Onion St. Nicholas Peak and Mt. Olive from Mt. Thompson March 8 1986

On Mt. Thompson ski ascent from Peyto Hut March 1986. St. Nick and Olive behind.

The Onion St. Nicholas Peak Mt. Olive Mt. Gordon Wapta Icefield
Ski Ascent of The Onion from Bow Lake circa 1990

Spring ski day trip from Bow Lake to The Onion in 1990 before we knew it had a name. St. Nicholas Peak behind.

Bow Lake Crowfoot Mtn. Observation Peak Wapta Icefield
Bow Lake, Crowfoot Mtn. and Wapta Icefield with The Onion from Observation Peak June 1985

View of Bow Lake from Observation Peak June 1985 with The Onion, St. Nicholas Peak and Mt. Olive just below the climber. Crowfoot Mtn. and glacier at left above lake.

Mt. Jimmy Simpson The Onion St. Nicholas Peak
View of St. Nicholas Peak and The Onion above Iceberg Lake from Mt. Jimmy Simpson

View of The Onion and Iceberg Lake below St. Nicholas Peak from Mt. Jimmy Simpson in 2011. Mt. Olive and Mt. Balfour at left, glacier-covered Mt. Gordon and Portal Peak at right.

Mount Saint Nicholas from The Onion
St. Nick oil painting from The Onion

Studio-finished oil sketch of St. Nick from The Onion.

St. Nick on Bow Lake-Wapta Lake ski traverse 1994

Oil sketch of Saint Nicholas peak from photo during one-day ski traverse from Bow Lake to Sherbrooke Lake and Wapta Lake in 1994.


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