Little Arethusa (500 m elev. gain)

Little Arethusa

Kona on Little Arethusa at 8:30 am in August to beat the heat. Mt. Rae at left and Mt. Arethusa at right behind.

Little Arethusa

View to north at Ptarmigan Cirque trail.

Little Arethusa

View to west of HIghwood Ridge, Grizzly Ridge and Mt. Tyrwhitt.

Little Arethusa

View to south of Storm Mountain and Highway 40.

Little Arethusa

View to SE of “Three Finches”. Kona’s “grandad” traversed these peaks on a circuitous way to Mt. Arethusa in October 1988. Glenn Naylor, Kananaskis Park warden, had left 3 registers on these peaks Aug 7, 1988 and named them for the hundreds of grey-crowned rosy finches he saw in the cirque on the way up.


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