Mt. Lipalian, Purple Peak & Unity Peak (1,300m elev. gain)


Kona cooling off on Mt. Lipalian in mid-July with Mt. Hector at left distance, Mt. Whitehorn Ski Louise slopes in front, Richardson / Pika / Ptarmigan group in centre, and Redoubt at right, Fossil back right.

Unity & Purple

From Lipalian, Unity Peak at left and Purple Peak at right and connecting ridges on the route. High peaks Douglas and St. Bride behind.

Purple Peak

From Purple Peak, Unity Peak at right, Mt. Redoubt at left, Fossil Mountain with inverted-V snow slope in centre distance.

Purple Peak

Long-stalk Starwort (id. courtesy Alberta Native Wildflowers… Facebook Group) on Purple Peak.

Purple Peak

Alpine / Pallas’s Wallflower on Purple Peak, Wolverine Ridge behind.

Unity Peak

Approaching Unity Peak from Purple Peak; headed generally to the right and traversing for weaknesses in the cliffs, with a few difficulties requiring coaxing and boosts for Kona.


View from near summit of Unity back to Purple and Lipalian with Ten Peaks and Mt. Temple behind.


Not much room on summit of Unity Peak.


Redoubt Lake at base of Heather Ridge, still frozen over in mid-July, Deception Pass and Fossil Mountain behind.

Arnica in Wolverine Valley

Heartleaf Arnica (maybe) in Wolverine Valley.

Sorrel – Wolverine Valley

Mountain Sorrel in Wolverine Valley.

Yellow Columbine – Wolverine Valley

Yellow Columbine in Wolverine Valley.

Wolverine Valley

Alpine Laurel / Northern Bog Laurel in Wolverine Valley.