Paget Peak (983m elev. gain)

Kona Paget Peak Mt. Niles Mt. Daly
Kona on Paget Peak with Mt. Niles and Mt. Daly behind

Kona on main summit of Paget Peak in mid-July with Mt. Niles and Mt. Daly behind to the NNW.

Kona Paget Peak Cathedral Mtn. Crags Mt. Stephen Vanguard Peak
Kona on Paget Peak, Vanguard Peak, Cathedral Mtn. and Crags and Mt. Stephen behind.

Lunch break out of the wind – Cathedral Mtn., Vanguard Peak, Cathedral Crags and Mt. Stephen behind to the south.

Kona Paget Peak Narao Peak Lake O'Hara Yoho National Park
Kona on Paget Peak with long ridge of Narao Peak to the SW.

Divide Peak, Mt. Niblock, Mt. Whyte, Popes Peak, Narao Peak, Mt. Collier, Mt. Victoria North glacier from summit ridge of Paget Peak. Cataract Brook valley access to Lake O’Hara at right.

Kona Paget Peak Lookout
Kona relaxing above Paget Lookout
plein air painting Paget Peak Mt. Victoria
Plein air sketching Victoria North Glacier from Paget Peak

A shaded nook with dish of snow while “Dad” sketches.

Mt. Victoria North Glacier Paget Peak Sherbrooke Lake
View of Paget Peak from Mt. Victoria North Glacier August 1986

View to Paget Peak at centre, right of Sherbrooke Lake from Mt. Victoria North glacier Aug 20, 1986. Viewing l. to r. – Daly Glacier, Mt. Niles, Niles Glacier, Mt. Daly, Bath Glacier.