Yamnuska (Mount John Laurie) (900 m elevation gain)

Kona on Yamnuska
Kona on Yamnuska July 18, 2015

Kona (1-1/2 yrs) on Yamnuska, ascending and descending via the left / west ridge which is the normal descent route for the scramble traverse. The east end approach has a difficult chains / chimney crux section that isn’t safe for dogs.

Yamnuska from Goat
Mt. Yamnuska from Goat Mountain

View from Goat Mountain of the “dog route” up and down the west end of Mount Yamnuska.

A. Derbyshire nearing top of Grillmair’s Chimney on Yamnuska Aug 10, 1982

View up Grillmair’s Chimney, a classic rock climb on the front face of Mount Yamnuska Aug 10, 1982.

Buddy in shortcut gully at west end of Mount Yamnuska Nov 2010

Taking a steepish shortcut around the west end with Buddy in November 2010.

Climber’s at the crux chains section on the the East-West traverse of Mount Yamnuska

The chains traverse section on the east ridge ascent route is difficult even without a dog, and risky with a dog. We go up and down the west ridge route instead for less drama.

2 thoughts on “Yamnuska (Mount John Laurie) (900 m elevation gain)”

  1. Hey Chris. Nice to meet you and Kona on Saturday. What a great day! I happened to take a photo as you continued to ascend the West Ridge. Here is a link to a zoomed in screen capture. Feel free to use this photo if you like! Regards, Byron.


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