Mt. Chester (1150 m gain)

Kona on Mt. Chester July 1st – The Fortress behind

Kona on Mt. Chester (elev. 3054 m) on Canada Day July 1st weekend. Gusty Peak and The Fortress immediately behind. Mt. Kidd at centre background.

Kona at top of snow gulley on Mt. Chester

Good snow in gully for step-kicking up and glissading down. Mt. Smuts, The Fist, Mt. Shark and Tent Ridge at left. Mt. Nestor and Old Goat Mtn. just right of centre, shoulder of Mt. Galatea at right.

Kona and Gunther at top of snow gulley on Mt. Chester

Gunther (4 yrs) at col on way up.

Mt. Assiniboine from Mt. Chester

Close-up of The Fist, Tent Ridge and Mt. Shark with ‘11,000ers’ Mt. Assiniboine and Mt. Lunette rising up behind.

Mt. Assiniboine oil 12×16 1993 KrisT

Artistic impression of Mt. Assiniboine from near ACC Hind hut.


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