Mt. Sparrowhawk (1450 m gain)

Kona on Mt. Sparrowhawk – Mt. Lougheed peaks 1 to 3 and Wind Mountain (peak 4) behind

Early July on Mt. Sparrowhawk, view to the Lougheed peaks and Wind Mountain. Top of Pigeon Mountain and Mt. MacGillivray visible behind.

Kona relaxing on Mt. Sparrowhawk

View north to Spray Lake Reservoir with Three Sisters, Rimwall Summit and Wind Tower at right, “Little Lougheed” short scramble at centre.

Kona descending Mt. Sparrowhawk
Kona descending from Mt. Sparrowhawk summit

Kona descending the back side of the Mt. Sparrowhawk summit block – view to Upper Ribbon Creek / Memorial Lakes cirque.

Kona at Sparrowhawk col
Kona at Mt. Sparrowhawk col below summit block

Kona at col below summit block with Mt. Bogart behind at left.

Mt. Bogart from Mt. Sparrowhawk
View from Sparrowhawk to Upper Ribbon Creek cirque and surrounding peaks

Upper Ribbon Creek cirque with Memorial Lakes, Bogart Tower and Ribbon Peak at left. Guinn’s Pass and Peak behind, and Mt. Bogart at right.

Mt. Sparrowhawk from Ribbon Peak
Sparrowhawk and Lougheed peaks from Ribbon Peak 1997

View of Sparrowhawk and Lougheed peaks 2, 3, and 4 (Wind Mountain) from Ribbon Peak in 1997. Bogart Tower at lower left.

Mt. Lougheed from Sparrowhawk
Lougheed Peaks 2 and 3 from Mt. Sparrowhawk

Close-up of Lougheed peaks 2 and 3 showing normal scramble ascent and alternate descent routes.

Clouds over Mt. Sparrowhawk
Mt. Sparrowhawk from Mt. Lougheed

Mt. Sparrowhawk in clouds from Mt. Lougheed in 2007.

Unnamed 3125m Goat Grp Jul 27 96 -9
View of Lougheed peaks, Sparrowhawk and Bogart from Old Goat Mtn. July 1996

View of Mt. Sparrowhawk and Read’s Tower (right of the Lougheed peaks, just right of centre) from Old Goat Mtn. (Unnamed 3125m) July 27, 1996. Mt. Bogart at extreme right.


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