Kona on Mt. Temple (1690 m gain)


Kona still having fun after being hauled /  pushed up the crux chimney. (l. to r.) Mt. Neptuak (Valley of Ten Peaks peak 9), Eiffel Peak, Pinnacle Peak, Wenkchemna Peak (peak 10), and Mt. Hungabee with Horseshoe glacier below in Paradise Valley.

Below, hordes of peak ascenders on summit ridge (counted 59 summiters this late July day); and view of peaks 4 to 9 (Tonsa, Perren / Sapta, Allen / Shappee, Tuzo / Sagowa, Deltaform / Saknowa, and Neptuak) from summit.


Below, Kona on slightly higher snow cap; and summit view to Consolation Lakes and Tower of Babel at lower left, Mt. Babel and Mt. Fay (peak 1/ Heejee) at centre, Mt. Little (peak 2 / Nom).


Below, view of Temple and Eiffel from Mt. Babel in 1984, ACC group ascending the Fay Glacier on the first ascent route to Babel; and crux chimney on Temple

Below, Kona’s “Dad”, Kris Thorsteinsson, on Mt. Temple in 1982 (survived despite the jeans and cotton shirt) and painting of summit view done later.

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