Eiffel Peak (1200 m gain)

Kona on Eiffel Peak at end of July – Mt. Temple scramble route behind

Kona on Eiffel Peak summit on late July day with Mt. Temple upper part of normal scramble route behind.

Eiffel summit
Kona and friends on Eiffel peak summit

Mt. Temple summit from Eiffel Peak – Kona waiting on top.

Eiffel Tower and Peak
Eiffel Tower and Eiffel Peak summit – Mt. Aberdeen behind

View of Eiffel Tower and main summit of Eiffel Peak. Mt. Aberdeen, Haddow Peak, part of Sheol Mtn. and Saddle Peak visible above Paradise Valley below. Mt. Temple summit at right.

Kona on Eiffel ridge
Kona on ascent ridge of Eiffel Peak – Pinnacle Peak and Mt. Temple behind

Below, Kona near summit of Eiffel Peak enjoying the climb.

Kona on snow patch near summit of Eiffel Peak
Kona on snow patch just below Eiffel Peak summit

Finally found a good snow patch to cool off.

Kona on way down Eiffel Peak
Kona on descent ridge of Eiffel Peak – Moraine Lake below

On descent from Eiffel Peak with Tower of Babel, Mt. Babel, Mt. Fay (Peak 1 / Heejee) and Fay Glacier, Mt. Little (Peak 2 / Nom), Mt. Bowlen (Peak 3 / Yamnee) and Peak 4 / Tonsa visible above Moraine Lake and Valley of the Ten Peaks.

Mt. Fay oil painting
Mt. Fay from Larch Valley 12×16 oil 1993

Artistic impression of view to Mt. Fay from Larch Valley.

corniced Mt. Fay
Top of Mt. Fay North Face West Couloir ice climb 1988

Close-up of corniced Mt. Fay after north face ice climb in 1988.

Mt. Fay
Mt. Fay and Glacier – 12×16 oil 2005

Artistic impression of Mt. Fay and Fay glacier from top of the Perren rappel descent route.

Bella on Eiffel Peak
Bella on Eiffel Peak – Mt. Hungabee behind

Bella (5 years) on Eiffel Peak in late July with Wenkchemna Peak and Mt. Hungabee behind.


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