Mount St. Piran (900 m elev gain)

Kona Mt. St. Piran Lake Agnes Devils Thumb Mt. Whyte
Kona on Mt. St. Piran view towards Mts. Aberdeen and Lefroy.

Kona on Mount St. Piran in early July with Devil’s Thumb and ridge of Mt. Whyte in middle distance and (l. to r. on skyline) Mt. Temple, Sheol Mtn., Haddo Peak, Mt. Aberdeen, The Mitre (Neptuak Mtn., Wenkchemna Peak, Mt. Hungabee in far distance), Mt. Lefroy.

Kona Plain of the Six Glaciers Abbott Pass Mt. Lefroy The Death Trap
Kona at Plain of The Six Glaciers viewpoint – Abbott Pass

A side trip on return to Plain of Six Glaciers viewpoint, Abbott Pass and hut between Lefroy and Victoria, and “The Death Trap” route up the glacier.

Lake Agnes Mt. St. Piran Lake Louise
Lake Agnes from Mt. St. Piran / Mt. Niblock col trail

Lake Agnes after following the St. Piran / Niblock col descent route from St. Piran.

plein air painting Lake Agnes Mt. Aberdeen
Plein air sketching below Lake Agnes

Sketching at a rubble pile below Lake Agnes.

Mt. St. Piran Fairview Mtn.
Mt. St. Piran from Fairview Mtn. August 8, 2019

View of Mt. St. Piran and Devil’s Thumb below Mt. Niblock from Fairview Mtn. to the SE. Mt. Daly and Bath Glacier in distance.

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