Mt. St. Piran (900 m elev. gain)

St. Piran

Kona finding a cool spot 8:30 am in late July on Mt. St. Piran slopes, Mt. Lefroy behind, with The Mitre left of centre.

St. Piran

View of Lake Louise with the Beehive lookout at upper left.

Lake Agnes

View of Lipalian and Unity peaks (Kona was on them a few days ago) beyond Lake Agnes after doing the traverse of St. Piran, descending via the Piran / Niblock col.

St. Piran

Common Butterwort (insectivorous!) in boggy drainage basin above Lake Agnes.

St. Piran

Very small False Asphodel (thanks again to Alberta Native Wildflowers FB group) in drainage basin above Lake Agnes.

St. Piran

Silky Scorpionweed on slopes below Piran / Niblock col.

St. Piran

Western Saxifrage (maybe?) on slopes below Piran / Niblock col.

St. Piran

Cut-leaved Fleabane near Piran / Niblock col.

St. Piran

Clump of Moss Campion on ascent slope above Little Beehive; Mt. Aberdeen glacier at left, The Mitre in distance.

St. Piran

Western Anemone / Pasqueflower (Pulsatilla) on ascent slope above Little Beehive.

St. Piran

Glacier Lilies (yellow), Paintbrush (red) and Heliotrope / Valerian (white) on trail to Little Beehive above Lake Agnes Teahouse.


Mt. St. Piran (900 m elev. gain)

Kona – St. Piran

Kona on Mt. St. Piran with Mt. Temple behind Sheol / Haddo ridge and Devil’s Thumb in foreground. Alternate route up Devil’s Thumb is the scree gully at the left (Kona’s Afi went up and down it after traversing from St. Piran to Niblock in July 1993.) Aberdeen glacier at upper right. Mt. Aberdeen used to be one of the three mixed snow/ice climbs required for full membership in the ACC (Alpine Club of Canada).

Mt. Aberdeen 15 Sept 85

Mt. Aberdeen upper glacier from ACC climb in Sept 1985.

Kona – Treat on St. Piran

Kona getting the standard MacD’s apple pie treat on the top. View of Louise ski slopes with Unity / Pumpkin / Lipalian traverse in distance.

Kona – St. Piran descending to Niblock col

On descent to the Niblock / Piran col leading to valley above Lake Agnes. The Mitre’s pointy peak sticking up in the gap between Mt. Aberdeen and Mt. Lefroy, over the shoulder of Mt. Whyte. Past The Mitre are Neptuak and Wenkchemna in Valley of the Ten Peaks.

Mount St. Piran (900 m elev gain)

Kona Mt. St. Piran Lake Agnes Devils Thumb Mt. Whyte
Kona on Mt. St. Piran view towards Mts. Aberdeen and Lefroy.

Kona on Mount St. Piran in early July with Devil’s Thumb and ridge of Mt. Whyte in middle distance and (l. to r. on skyline) Mt. Temple, Sheol Mtn., Haddo Peak, Mt. Aberdeen, The Mitre (Neptuak Mtn., Wenkchemna Peak, Mt. Hungabee in far distance), Mt. Lefroy.

Kona Plain of the Six Glaciers Abbott Pass Mt. Lefroy The Death Trap
Kona at Plain of The Six Glaciers viewpoint – Abbott Pass

A side trip on return to Plain of Six Glaciers viewpoint, Abbott Pass and hut between Lefroy and Victoria, and “The Death Trap” route up the glacier.

Lake Agnes Mt. St. Piran Lake Louise
Lake Agnes from Mt. St. Piran / Mt. Niblock col trail

Lake Agnes after following the St. Piran / Niblock col descent route from St. Piran.

plein air painting Lake Agnes Mt. Aberdeen
Plein air sketching below Lake Agnes

Sketching at a rubble pile below Lake Agnes.

Mt. St. Piran Fairview Mtn.
Mt. St. Piran from Fairview Mtn. August 8, 2019

View of Mt. St. Piran and Devil’s Thumb below Mt. Niblock from Fairview Mtn. to the SE. Mt. Daly and Bath Glacier in distance.

Mount St. Piran (900 m elevation gain)

Kona nad Kirsten on Mount St. Piran

Kona (1-1/2 yr) and “sister” Kirsten on Mount St. Piran; Mount Niblock and Niblock / Whyte col directly behind and Popes Peak with glacier.

Lake Agnes from Mount St. Piran trail

View of Lake Agnes from Mount St. Piran trail. The Beehive and Devil’s Thumb behind the lake. Mount Lefroy and Mount Victoria in distance.