Fossil Mountain (1250 m elev gain)

Kona – Fossil Mountain

Kona on Fossil Mountain in late fall with Mount Douglas behind.

Rindle – Fossil Mountain

Rindle (4 yrs) on upper slopes of Fossil Mountain.

Memorial Plaque – Fossil Mountain

Memorial to skiers avalanched in 1988. This is new since Kona’s “dad” was last here January 6, 1985 using a ski approach to Deception Pass.

Baker Lake from Fossil Mtn.

Baker Lake and larches below Brachiopod Mountain from Fossil Mountain. Tilted Lake and Little Baker Lake beyond.

Ptarmigan, Pika and Richardson from Fossil

Ptarmigan Peak, Pika Peak, Mount Richardson and Wall of Jericho above Zigadenus Lake from Fossil slopes. Deception Pass and Packer Peak at lower left.

Saddleback from Fossil

Saddleback and surrounding Lake Louise peaks from Fossil Mountain. Whitehorn Mountain at SkiLouise in foreground.

Mt. Temple from Boulder Pass

Mount Temple from Boulder Pass.


Limestone Mountain (650 m elev gain)

Kona – Limestone Mountain

Kona and friend on a windy late September day on Limestone Mountain. Mount Kidd and Kidd South behind. Second time up this peak this summer, by the easier, but less distinct west ridge route this time.

Fortress from Limestone

View of The Fortress and larches in late September from Limestone Mountain.

Mt. Fairview (1,000 m elev gain)

Kona – Saddleback

Reaching the Saddleback with Mt. Temple behind. Larches beginning to turn in mid-September.

Kona – Mt. Fairview

On lower slopes of Fairview with Aberdeen Glacier behind.

Kona – Mt. Fairview

On Mt. Fairview with Mt. Aberdeen, Mt. Lefroy and Mt. Victoria behind.

Mont des Poilus

Surprise view of Mont des Poilus in Yoho Valley and Mt. Niles from Fairview.

Kona – Mt. Fairview

Not many four-legged visitors up here.

Mt. Fairview 1988

Glaciers and mountain apparel styles have both deteriorated in 33 years.

Mt. Jimmy Simpson Jr. (820 m elev. gain)

Kona – Mt. Jimmy Simpson Jr.

Heading down from summit of Mt. Jimmy Simpson Jr. in early September with views of Bow Lake, Iceberg Lake with Bow Falls outflow and an unnamed tarn at lower right.

Mt. St. Nicholas

Mt. St. Nicholas from Mt. Jimmy Simpson Jr. with Mt. Olive S. at left, glaciated Mt. Gordon at right and The Onion in the foreground.

Bow Lake – Bow Peak, Crowfoot Mtn.

Reflection of Mt. Hector, Bow Peak, Crowfoot Glacier and Crowfoot Peak in Bow Lake.

Kona – Wapta Icefield

Iceberg Lake and Bow Falls below Bow Glacier and the Wapta Icefield from Mt. Jimmy Simpson Jr. ascent. Portal Peak and Mt. Thompson at right.

Bow Lake – Mt. Jimmy Simpson

View of upper ridge and “summit” of Jimmy Simpson Jr. from Jimmy Simpson in 2011.

Mt. St. Piran (900 m elev. gain)

Kona – St. Piran

Kona on Mt. St. Piran with Mt. Temple behind Sheol / Haddo ridge and Devil’s Thumb in foreground. Alternate route up Devil’s Thumb is the scree gully at the left (Kona’s Afi went up and down it after traversing from St. Piran to Niblock in July 1993.) Aberdeen glacier at upper right. Mt. Aberdeen used to be one of the three mixed snow/ice climbs required for full membership in the ACC (Alpine Club of Canada).

Mt. Aberdeen 15 Sept 85

Mt. Aberdeen upper glacier from ACC climb in Sept 1985.

Kona – Treat on St. Piran

Kona getting the standard MacD’s apple pie treat on the top. View of Louise ski slopes with Unity / Pumpkin / Lipalian traverse in distance.

Kona – St. Piran descending to Niblock col

On descent to the Niblock / Piran col leading to valley above Lake Agnes. The Mitre’s pointy peak sticking up in the gap between Mt. Aberdeen and Mt. Lefroy, over the shoulder of Mt. Whyte. Past The Mitre are Neptuak and Wenkchemna in Valley of the Ten Peaks.