Mt. Fairview and Saddle Peak (1,100 m combined elev.)


Kona on Fairview in mid-July with eye on the MacD apple pie. Glaciated Mt. Temple behind, Haddow Peak at right, connecting to Mt. Sheol, centre. Two of the Ten Peaks in the Moraine Lake area in centre distance.


Ptarmigan in summer plumage (all white in winter) on Fairview slopes pecking away at the alpine plants.

Saddle Peak

White Mountain Heather or Rocky Mountain White Heather on Saddle Peak, Lake Annette below Mt. Temple north face.

Saddle Peak

Moss Campion on Saddle Peak, with one Western Anemone / Pasqueflower.

Mt. Fairview

Yellow Heather (maybe) on Fairview slopes. Glaciated Mt. Victoria in distance, lower Aberdeen glacier at left.

Saddleback Pass

Grouping of Western Pasqueflower / Anemone (large white), “Alpine” / “Snow” Buttercup (technically Eschscholtz’s Buttercup per Alberta Native Wildflowers Facebook group help, but harder to pronounce) and Western Spring Beauty (small white) near The Saddleback on way up Mt. Fairview.

Saddle Peak

Western Anemones and Mountain Heather on Saddle Peak, Mt. Temple behind.


Lingonberry at Saddleback.


Grouseberry at Saddleback.


White or other Draba species (per Alberta Native Wildflowers Facebook group) on slopes of Fairview, Ski Louise area peaks behind.


Mt. Fairview (1,000 m elev gain)

Kona – Saddleback

Reaching the Saddleback with Mt. Temple behind. Larches beginning to turn in mid-September.

Kona – Mt. Fairview

On lower slopes of Fairview with Aberdeen Glacier behind.

Kona – Mt. Fairview

On Mt. Fairview with Mt. Aberdeen, Mt. Lefroy and Mt. Victoria behind.

Mont des Poilus

Surprise view of Mont des Poilus in Yoho Valley and Mt. Niles from Fairview.

Kona – Mt. Fairview

Not many four-legged visitors up here.

Mt. Fairview 1988

Glaciers and mountain apparel styles have both deteriorated in 33 years.

Fairview Mtn. & Saddle Mtn. (1100m combined elev. gain)


Kona and friends on Fairview Mtn. in mid-July, Mt. Hector in distance.

Kona Saddle Mtn. Paradise Valley Lake Annette Mt. Temple Pinnacle Mtn. Eiffel Peak Wastach Peak Neptuak Mtn. Sheol Mtn.
Kona on Saddle Mtn., view of Mt. Temple, Lake Annette and Paradise Valley

On Saddle Mtn. with view up Paradise Valley – Mt. Temple, Lake Annette, Pinnacle Mtn., Eiffel Peak, Neptuak Mtn., Wastach Peak. “The Dolphin” climbing route visible directly below the summit of Temple, right of the North Ridge route.

plein air painting Saddle Mtn. Sheol Mtn. Haddow Peak Lake Louise
Sketching on Saddle Mtn.

Trying to plein air sketch under brisk conditions. Sheol Mtn. and Haddow Peak behind. Photo by Pam.

Little Temple Peak Fairview Mtn. Saddle Mtn. Mt. Whyte Mt. Niblock Sheol Mtn. Haddo Peak
Fairview Mtn. and Saddle Mtn. from Little Temple Peak

View across Paradise Valley from Little Temple Peak in 2011 of scree-sloped Fairview Mtn. and cliffs of Saddle Mtn. below and to the right. Sheol Mtn. and Haddow Peak at left. Mt. Whyte and Mt. Niblock at centre skyline.

Memorial plaque on Mt. Victoria Aug 1983

View of Fairview Mtn. right of Lake Louise from Mt. Victoria summit Aug 1983. The plaque memorializes four Mexican mountaineers who lost their lives descending Mt. Victoria in July 1954.

Mount Temple and Lake Annette from Saddle Peak oil painting
Mt. Temple from Saddle Peak oil painting

Studio-finished oil sketch of Mount Temple and Lake Annette from Saddle Mountain.

Saddle Peak and Mt. Fairview (1100 m combined elev. gain)

Kona Fairview Mtn. Mt. Temple
Kona above clouded Paradise Valley on Fairview Mtn. – Mt. Temple, Sheol Mtn., Haddow Peak behind.

Kona on Fairview with Paradise Valley peaks Mt. Temple, Sheol Mtn., Haddo Peak, and in distance Valley of Ten Peaks summits Allen (Peak 6, Shappee), Tuzo (Peak 7, Sagowa) and Deltaform (Peak 8, Saknowa). Clouds hiding Paradise Valley in early August.

Saddle Mtn. The Saddleback Fairview
Saddle Mtn. and The Saddleback above clouds from Fairview Mtn.

View from Fairview to Saddle Mtn. and The Saddleback. “Little Temple” at right.

Kona Fairview Mtn. Mt. Victoria
Kona on Fairview Mtn. – Mt. Aberdeen, Mt. Lefroy, Mt. Victoria, Mt. Collier and unnamed next to Popes Peak above clouded Plain of The Six Glaciers

View of Mt. Aberdeen glacier at left, Mt. Lefroy and long ridge of Mt. Victoria with Lake Louise / Plain of the Six Glaciers valley covered in clouds.

Haddow Peak Mt. Aberdeen
Haddow Peak and Mt. Aberdeen from Sheol Haddow Aberdeen traverse July 31 1993

Closeup of Aberdeen Glacier from traverse of Sheol, Haddow and Aberdeen in 1993. Mt. Hungabee summit in clouds, Mt. Lefroy and Mt. Victoria visible at right.

Kona Saddle Mtn. Fairview Mtn.
Kona on Saddle Mtn. – Fairview Mtn. behind, Mt. Victoria and Mt. Collier at left skyline

View of Fairview Mtn. and hiking ascent trail from Saddle Mtn.

Mount Fairview (1000 m elevation gain)


Kona (1-1/2 yr) and “sister” Karin on Mount Fairview. Mts. Haddo Peak, Mount Aberdeen, Mount Lefroy, Mount Victoria (Lake Louise peaks) in background.

Buddy on Mount Fairview
Buddy on Mount Fairview

Buddy (9 years) on Mount Fairview. Mount Victoria, Mount Collier, Unnamed, Popes Peaks, and Mount Whyte behind.