Victoria Glacier (940 m elev. gain)

Kona – Victoria Glacier

Kona eating her kibbles at a cool spot on the scree covered glacier with 30C+ temperatures in the valley below. Interesting view of Mount Fay in the gap across three valleys (Plain of Six Glaciers, Paradise, and Ten Peaks. Mount Temple looming over shoulder of Aberdeen, and Pinnacle Peak just behind shoulder of The Mitre behind shoulder of Lefroy.

Kona – Abbott Pass

View of Abbott Pass from high moraine with Lefroy on left and Victoria on right.

ACC Abbott Hut

Close-up of Alpine Club of Canada Abbott Hut, for a long time the highest permanently habitable structure in Canada, before the Neil Colgan hut above Moraine Lake was built.

Kona – Mt. Victoria

Late summer snow patch to cool off on way to toe of glacier. “The Sickle” ice formation on way to Mount Victoria South summit visible on ridge behind.

Kona and Koji – Glacier Viewpoint

Koji on glacier viewpoint trail from Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse. “The Deathtrap” approach to Abbott Pass behind.


Mount Fairview (1000 m elevation gain)


Kona (1-1/2 yr) and “sister” Karin on Mount Fairview. Mts. Haddo Peak, Mount Aberdeen, Mount Lefroy, Mount Victoria (Lake Louise peaks) in background.

Buddy on Mount Fairview
Buddy on Mount Fairview

Buddy (9 years) on Mount Fairview. Mount Victoria, Mount Collier, Unnamed, Popes Peaks, and Mount Whyte behind.