Fossil Mountain (1250 m elev gain)

Kona – Fossil Mountain

Kona on Fossil Mountain in late fall with Mount Douglas behind.

Rindle – Fossil Mountain

Rindle (4 yrs) on upper slopes of Fossil Mountain.

Memorial Plaque – Fossil Mountain

Memorial to skiers avalanched in 1988. This is new since Kona’s “dad” was last here January 6, 1985 using a ski approach to Deception Pass.

Baker Lake from Fossil Mtn.

Baker Lake and larches below Brachiopod Mountain from Fossil Mountain. Tilted Lake and Little Baker Lake beyond.

Ptarmigan, Pika and Richardson from Fossil

Ptarmigan Peak, Pika Peak, Mount Richardson and Wall of Jericho above Zigadenus Lake from Fossil slopes. Deception Pass and Packer Peak at lower left.

Saddleback from Fossil

Saddleback and surrounding Lake Louise peaks from Fossil Mountain. Whitehorn Mountain at SkiLouise in foreground.

Mt. Temple from Boulder Pass

Mount Temple from Boulder Pass.

Mt. Richardson (1200 m elev. gain)

Kona on Mt. Richardson in early September

Kona on Mt. Richardson in early September – Pika Peak and Ptarmigan Peak at right. Mt. Douglas and Mt. St. Bride behind Fossil Mtn. and Deception Pass at centre, Wall of Jericho and Skoki Mtn. at left.

Kona on Mt. Richardson – Mt. redoubt behind

Kona finding a snow patch at the large cairn on Mt. Richardson. Mt. Redoubt at right with Heather Ridge, Brachiopod Mtn. and Anthozoan Mtn. behind centre.

Kona crossing Mt. Richardson snowfield – Pika Peak and Ptarmigan Peak behind

Kona and hiking friends crossing summit snowfield on Mt. Richardson.

Kona at Hidden Lake

Kona at Hidden Lake on way up Mt. Richardson.

Kona and hiking friends on Mt. Richardson ridge

Kona and hiking friends at the ridge above Hidden Lake – ascent route and summit of Mt. Richardson behind.

View to lake Louise from Mt. Richardson slopes

On Mt. Richardson upper slopes – Lake Louise with Mt. Temple, Mt. Lefroy and Mt. Victoria prominent behind, Ski Louise Back Bowls area with Mt. Whitehorn (Paradise and Ptarmigan lifts on this side) just to the left of the lake in foreground.

KrisT on Pika Peak ridge Aug 1986

View of snowy route down from Mt. Richardson to Richardson / Pika Peak col on a three peak scramble day from Hidden Lake including Ptarmigan Peak August 2, 1986.

Mt. Richardson, Pika and Ptarmigan Peaks from Mt. Redoubt Aug 3, 1986

View of Mt. Richardson, Pika Peak and Ptarmigan Peak from Mt. Redoubt August 3, 1986.