Limestone Mountain (650 m elev gain)

Kona – Limestone Mountain

Kona and friend on a windy late September day on Limestone Mountain. Mount Kidd and Kidd South behind. Second time up this peak this summer, by the easier, but less distinct west ridge route this time.

Fortress from Limestone

View of The Fortress and larches in late September from Limestone Mountain.


Limestone Mtn. (650 m elev. gain)

Kona on Limestone Mtn.

Kona near top of south-west ridge of Limestone Mountain in late May, Mount Kidd behind.

Kona on Limestone Mtn.

View of The Wedge from Limestone Mountain.

Fortress and Gusty from Limestone

Still lots of snow on The Fortress and Gusty Peak.

Mount Kidd from Limestone Mtn.

View of the normal alpine ascent route up Mount Kidd following the snow gully. A scrambling party is on the snow slopes somewhere today but we couldn’t locate them.