Little Lougheed (773 m elev. gain)

Kona on Little Lougheed

Kona on Little Lougheed in late June with West Wind Pass behind, Rimwall Summit at left, Wind Tower at right. The trail has improved greatly since last visit 25 years ago and is a nice hike.

Kona – Mt. Lougheed

View of Lougheed Peak 1 from Little Lougheed.

Kona – Spray Lake below

Reflection of Mt. Nestor on Spray Lakes Reservoir from 1/2 way up Little Lougheed.

Kona on Little Lougheed – Mt. Sparrowhawk

North wall of Mount Sparrowhawk from Little Lougheed.

Three Sisters from Little Lougheed – Kona

View of tops of the Three Sisters behind The Orphan and Rimwall Summit from Little Lougheed.

Lougheed Peak 1

Close-up of Lougheed Peak 1 – Kona’s “Dad” climbed the left skyline NW Ridge in September 1982 (multi-pitch roped climb) and the south ridge (facing and angling left) in July 1989 to start the traverse of the four Lougheed peaks (including Peak 4, now known as Wind Mountain).

Spray Lakes West

View of Little Lougheed (pointy peak right of centre) across Spray Lake reservoir during a painting day.


Limestone Mtn. (650 m elev. gain)

Kona on Limestone Mtn.

Kona near top of south-west ridge of Limestone Mountain in late May, Mount Kidd behind.

Kona on Limestone Mtn.

View of The Wedge from Limestone Mountain.

Fortress and Gusty from Limestone

Still lots of snow on The Fortress and Gusty Peak.

Mount Kidd from Limestone Mtn.

View of the normal alpine ascent route up Mount Kidd following the snow gully. A scrambling party is on the snow slopes somewhere today but we couldn’t locate them.

Lawson South (740 m elev. gain)

Kona on Lawson South Peak

Kona on Little Lawson / Lawson South peak on a warm early December day. Kent North, Mt. Lawson main summit and Mt. Kidd South behind.

Kona on Lawson South Peak – King Creek Ridge behind

King Creek Ridge and Kananaskis River valley behind.

Kona descending Lawson South Peak – Elk Pass

On descent with Mount Pocaterra just right of centre and Mt. Roberta, a high point on the near end of the ridge from Pocaterra. Highwood Ridge and Grizzly Ridge at centre. Gap Mountain just left of centre. Mt. Elpoca at left background, Mt. Wintour at left foreground. Elk Pass at right.

Mount Tyrwhitt, Grizzly Ridge and Highwood Ridge (1,000 m combined elev. gain)

Kona at window on Mount Tyrwhitt

Kona at the window on Mount Tyrwhitt in mid-October. Pocaterra Ridge is obscured by low clouds.

Kona on summit of Mount Tyrwhitt with clouds obstructing the view

Kona and friend on Mount Tyrwhitt on a cloudy October day with no views due to clouds and mist.

Hiking up Highwood Ridge

Heading up the lower slopes of Highwood Ridge – Grizzly Ridge at right with Mount Tyrwhitt behind. Photo by Anh.

Kona on Highwood Ridge in mid-October

Kona and friend on Highwood Ridge on route to Grizzly Ridge and Mount Tyrwhitt (behind) with views disappearing due to light snow conditions.

Kona on Grizzly Ridge with blowing snow

Kona on Grizzly Ridge before descending to Grizzly col on way to Mount Tyrwhitt.

Descending to Grizzly col with Mount Tyrwhitt behind

Descending to Grizzly col – Mount Tyrwhitt scramble slopes beyond. Photo by Anh.

View of Mount Tyrwhitt, Grizzly Ridge and Highwood Ridge from Mount Lipsett

View of Mount Tyrwhitt, Grizzly Ridge and Highwood Ridge (left of the Highwood Pass highway) from Mount Lipsett on a clearer day in late September.