Little Lougheed (773 m elev. gain)

Kona on Little Lougheed

Kona on Little Lougheed in late June with West Wind Pass behind, Rimwall Summit at left, Wind Tower at right. The trail has improved greatly since last visit 25 years ago and is a nice hike.

Kona – Mt. Lougheed

View of Lougheed Peak 1 from Little Lougheed.

Kona – Spray Lake below

Reflection of Mt. Nestor on Spray Lakes Reservoir from 1/2 way up Little Lougheed.

Kona on Little Lougheed – Mt. Sparrowhawk

North wall of Mount Sparrowhawk from Little Lougheed.

Three Sisters from Little Lougheed – Kona

View of tops of the Three Sisters behind The Orphan and Rimwall Summit from Little Lougheed.

Lougheed Peak 1

Close-up of Lougheed Peak 1 – Kona’s “Dad” climbed the left skyline NW Ridge in September 1982 (multi-pitch roped climb) and the south ridge (facing and angling left) in July 1989 to start the traverse of the four Lougheed peaks (including Peak 4, now known as Wind Mountain).

Spray Lakes West

View of Little Lougheed (pointy peak right of centre) across Spray Lake reservoir during a painting day.

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