Wasootch Peak (900 m elev. gain)

Kona – Wasootch Peak

Kona on Wasootch Peak on a misty +4C early July day.

Kona – Wasootch Peak

Upper ridge free of snow.

Blue Clematis – Wasootch Peak

Blue Clematis on Wasootch slopes.

Sweet-flowered Androsace – Wasootch Peak

Sweet-flowered Rock Jasmine / Androsace on Wasootch Peak slopes

Wind Flowers – Wasootch Peak

Red and White Wind Flowers / Cut-leave Anemone (maybe) on Wasootch Peak slopes.

Kinnikinnick – Wasootch Peak

Kinnikinnick / Bearberry on Wasootch Peak slopes.

Brown-eyed Susan – Wasootch Peak

Brown-eyed Susan on Wasootch Peak slopes

Indian Paintbrush – Wasootch Peak

Indian Paintbrush on Wasootch slopes.


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