Yamnuska via west col trail (900 m elev. gain)

Kona – Yamnuska

Kona on Yamnuska at 9:15 am in early July via the newly constructed West Col trail. Goat Mountain immediately behind with Lougheed peaks in distance behind McGillivray and Pigeon.

Rock Crevasse – Yamnuska

Upper slopes are getting ready to have a Turtle Mountain moment at any millennium now!


View of route from west col (Yam-Goat col).

Lady’s Slippers – Yamnuska

White / Mountain Lady’s Slippers along trail to west col.

Lady’s Slippers – Yamnuska

Yellow Lady’s Slippers along trail.

Cinquefoil – Yamnuska

Alpine Cinquefoil on Yamnuska slopes

Alpine Flowers – Yamnuska

Blue Beardtongue (maybe) on Yamnuska slopes

Alpine flowers – Yamnuska

Rock Jasmine Wild Buckwheat on Yamnuska slopes

Tiger Lily – Yamnuska

Western Wood Lily “Tiger Lily”, one of many along trail

Alpine flowers – Yamnuska

Double Bladderpod along upper trail.

Alpine flowers – Yamnuska

Alpine flowers on Yamnuska trail.


Ledge Stonecrop on Yamnuska traverse a few days earlier.

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