Consummation Peak (1,000 m elev. gain)

Kona – Consummation Peak

Kona heading down from Consummation Peak in late August after a long rest on top recovering from the tedious hike from the parking lot. Lake O’Hara in centre distance with closer Wiwaxy Peaks to its left and Mount Schaffer to its right, just left of the shoulder of Odaray Mountain. (see below for view back from Schaffer to Consummation).

Kona – Cathedral Basin

Remnants of glacier on the north side of Mount Stephen from Consummation Peak. Cathedral Mountain is out of sight to the right.

Kona – Apple Turnover

The usual reward for doing a better job of route-finding than her companion.

Kona – Lake O’Hara Peaks

Mount Huber glacier, the route Kona’s “dad” took in 1986, although seems to be not the preferred route these days. (see photo below). Peaks (l. to r.) – Victoria S., Huber, Lefroy, Wiwaxy, Glacier, Yukness, Ringrose.

Kris T. – Huber Glacier Aug 9, 1986

Kona’s “dad” climbing Huber Glacier in 1986.

Consummation Peak from Mount Schaffer

Consummation Peak is the small bump just right of Odaray Mountain in front of glaciated Mount Stephen. Photo from Schaffer in 2020.

The Goodsirs

The Goodsirs in cloud directly south from Consummation Peak through Odaray Pass.