Castle Mountain (1400 m elev. gain)


Kona (7 years) near summit of Castle Mt. in early September with Rockbound Lake below and Helena Ridge behind, Stuart’s Knob at far left of Helena Ridge. Below, Kona and mountain goat checking each other out.


Below, interesting viewpoint above Rockbound Lake on way down.


Below, view of Eisenhower Tower at end of Castle Mountain ridge, Rockbound Lake, and sunlit Mt. Ishbel in centre background.


Below, September 12-13, 1987 photo from traverse along Castle ridge from Stuart’s Knob to main peak (bivied on summit). Old snow from previous winter!

Castle Mt Sept 12-13 87-23

Below, Kona’s “dad” at top of Bass Buttress rock climb on front face of Castle Mountain in July, 1983. Over-nighted at Castle Mt. hut on Goat Plateau.

Mt. Castle July 83

Below, “Rogue” (2-1/2 years) at viewpoint above Rockbound Lake on way up, Stuart’s Knob in background.