Wiwaxy Gap (950 m elev. gain)

Kona Wiwaxy Gap Mt. Biddle Mt. Hungabee Yukness Mtn. Lake O'Hara Yoho National Park
Kona at Wiwaxy Gap Mt. Biddle behind

A welcome snow patch at the col between Wiwaxy Peaks and Mt. Huber at end of July after about 13.5 km of hiking from the parking lot. Mt. Hungabee at left, Yukness Mtn.(dark triangular shape), Mt. Biddle and Gunsight Peak above Opabin plateau behind centre and right.

Lake Oesa Wiwaxy Gap Kona Mt. Lefroy Glacier Peak Ringrose Peak Mt. Hungabee Yukness Mtn. Lake O'Hara
Lake Oesa from Wiwaxy Gap with Lefroy, Glacier, Ringrose, Hungabee and Yukness surrounding it.

View of Lake Oesa with Lefroy, Glacier, Ringrose, Hungabee, and Yukness in front.

Wiwaxy Gap Lake O'Hara Lake Oesa Glacier Peak Ringrose Peak Mt. Hungabee Yukness Mtn. Mt. Biddle Opabin Plateau
Plein Air Sketching at Wiwaxy Gap

Perfect weather and scenery for working on an oil sketch.

Mt. Schaffer Lake O'Hara Wiwaxy Gap Park Mtn. Mt. Owen
Mt. Schaffer and Lake O’Hara from Wiwaxy Gap trail

View to Lake O’Hara with Mt. Schaffer (end of the long NW ridge of Biddle), Park Mtn. west of Lake McArthur (hidden) just behind, and Mt. Owen at right.

Kona Lake Oesa Wiwaxy Gap Lake O'Hara
Kona approaching Lake Oesa from Wiwaxy Gap

Approaching Lake Oesa on way down.

Lake Oesa Wiwaxy Peaks Wiwaxy Gap
Wiwaxy Peaks and Gap reflection in Lake Oesa in 1993

Wiwaxy Peaks and Gap from far shore of Lake Oesa, July 1993.

Wiwaxy Gap Mt. Hungabee Lake O'Hara Mt. Huber Odaray Mtn.
View of Wiwaxy Gap from Mt. Hungabee August 18 1986

View of Wiwaxy Peaks and Gap (behind climber) from near summit of Mt. Hungabee, Aug 18, 1986. Schaffer, Odaray, Stephen, Cathedral behind with Huber at right.

Lake Oesa Mt. Huber Mt. Hungabee
View of Lake Oesa from Mt. Huber Aug 9 1986

View of Mt. Hungabee and Ringrose Peak above Lake Oesa from ascent of Huber Aug 9, 1986. Deltaform Mtn. and Mt. Neptuak in Valley of the Ten Peaks to left of Hungabee.