Mount Lady Macdonald (1250 m elev. gain to ridge)

Buddy on Mt Lady Macdonald
Buddy on Mount Lady Macdonald

Buddy (6 yr) on ridge of Mount Lady Macdonald, one of the Triple Crown of Canmore peaks. Travel along ridge to true summit 50 m higher is very exposed and not for dogs (or hikers). Grotto Mountain in background.

Kona on Lady McD
Kona on Mount Lady Macdonald

Kona (1-1/2 yr) on Mount Lady Macdonald summit ridge above teahouse. Main summit along ridge out of sight behind.

Gap Peak (1200 m gain)

Kona on Gap Peak

Kona (1-1/2 years) on Gap Peak, Mt Fable in background. Gap to Fable traverse is a long day with over 1900 m elevation gain and loss and 22 km total distance. Below, view of traverse ridge from Loder Peak – Gap at extreme left, Fable at extreme right.

View of Gap Peak to Mount Fable ridge from Loder Peak
Gap Peak and traverse ridge from Mount Fable

View from Mount Fable along ridge from Gap Peak (at left). Grotto Mountain at right.

Buddy on Gap Peak
Buddy on Gap Peak

Buddy (6 yrs) on scramble ridge to Gap Peak in January.

Mount Yamnuska / John Laurie (900 m elev. gain)

Buddy on Yamnuska
Buddy on Mount Yamnuska

Buddy (4 years) on Mount Yamnuska, ascended by the left / east skyline ridge, the normal descent route for the traverse.

Jason on Yamnuska 2
Buddy on Mount Yamnuska with Jason

Buddy (3 yrs) with “brother” Jason on Mount Yamnuska in December. Goat Mountain behind.

Karin Yamnuska July 04 -12
Buddy on Mount Yamnuska with Karin

Buddy (4 yrs) with “sister” Karin on Mount Yamnuska in July.

Yamnuska from Goat
Mt. Yamnuska from Goat Mountain

View of the “dog route” up Mount Yamnuska from Goat Mountain.

Door Jamb Mountain (883 m gain)

Kona on Door Jamb 3
Kona on Door Jamb Mountain

Kona on Door Jamb Mountain via SE Ridge scramble route. Goat Mountain at left, Loder Peak centre, and Mount Yamnuska right far background.

Buddy on Door Jamb Mountain
Buddy on Door Jamb Mountain

Buddy (5 yrs) on Door Jamb Mountain, Heart Mountain / Grant MacEwan Peak behind across Bow River Valley.