East End of Rundle (875 m elev. gain)

Kona East End of Mt. Rundle EEOR Bow Valley
Kona on EEOR ridge

Kona on ridge of EEOR (East End of Rundle) on a hot late August day. Grotto Mtn. behind.

Kona EEOR East End of Mt. Rundle
Kona on EEOR, Lady Macdonald and Grotto behind

Kona and CORA group on EEOR, Mt. Lady Macdonald and Grotto Mtn. behind.

Ha Ling Peak East End of Rundle
Ha Ling, Lawrence Grassi and Three Sisters from EEOR with forest fire haze

HaLing Peak from EEOR, Miners Peak at same elevation as HaLing just behind and Mt. Lawrence Grassi behind it. Three Sisters on skyline with Big Sister (Faith) the highest. Old Goat Mtn. and Old Goat Glacier at extreme right.

EEOR Rundle Ha Ling
Rundle and HaLing from Miner’s Peak Aug 2015

View of EEOR from Miner’s Peak Aug 2015 with Ha Ling Peak and hikers in foreground and main summit of Mt. Rundle (Peak 3) at centre and Rundle Peak 7 at left.

Mt. Rundle Peak 3
Mt. Rundle east ridge Peaks 4 to 8 from main summit Peak 3 Sept 1999

View of Mt. Rundle east ridge (Peaks 4 to 8) from main summit (Peak 3) Sept 19, 1999. Ha Ling, Lawrence Grassi, Three Sisters and Lougheed behind.



Grotto Mtn. (1425 m elev gain)


Kitsy on way down from summit via the ACC hut route in mid-June.

DSCF1601Kona at about half-way point on descent with Canmore Industrial area below.

Kona Grotto Mtn.
Kona on Grotto Mtn. – Lougheed Peaks across Bow Valley behind

Kona resting after a snack and drink on summit – a blustery day with Lougheed peaks, Wind Mtn, Wind Tower, Allan and Collembola behind. Wind Ridge and Rimwall Summit at right.

Grotto Mtn. (1425 m elev gain)

Kona Grotto Jun 2019
Kona on Grotto Mtn. June 15 2019

Kona on Grotto summit on a cloudy mid-June day after ascending by the Bataan climbing wall trail. Summit cairn behind Kona has fallen or been taken apart so we rebuilt it – see below.

Kona Grotto Canmore June 2019
Kona on Grotto Mtn. with rebuilt cairn – Canmore below

Quickly rebuilt summit cairn on Grotto Mtn. Canmore and Bow Valley behind with Mt. Lady Macdonald at distant right.

Three Sisters Grotto Mtn June 2019
View of The Three Sisters across Bow Valley from Grotto Mtn.

Nice view of Three Sisters on way up Grotto Mtn. – left to right – Little Sister (Charity), Middle Sister (Hope), Big Sister (Faith).

Kona Grotto Mtn Middle Sister
View of Grotto Mtn. from Middle Sister June 12 2017 – Little Sister rappel descent route at right foreground

View of Grotto Mtn. from Middle Sister across the Bow Valley June 12, 2017. Our ascent route is just right of the high point in the middle of the summit ridge.