Grotto Mtn. trail (600 m elev. gain)

Kona on Grotto Mtn trail

Kona on short hike up Grotto Mountain trail in mid-January. Mount Rundle and Town of Canmore behind.

Lougheed Peaks from Grotto Mtn trail

Wind Mountain and Lougheed Peaks in morning alpenglow from Grotto Mtn trail. Wind Ridge at right foreground.

Three Sisters from Grotto Mtn trail

Oil sketch of morning alpenglow on Three Sisters from Grotto Mtn trail.

Three Sisters silk painting

Summer view watercolour of Three Sisters – Western Silk by Karin

Mt. Kidd (1460 m gain)

Kona on Mt. Kidd – Opal Range at left

Kona on Mt. Kidd in early June. View to south with The Wedge and Opal Range at left, Mt. James Walker on right skyline. Still good step-kicking and glissading snow for most of route. 

Kona on Mt. Kidd – Mts. Bogart, Sparrowhawk and Lougheed behind

View from Mt. Kidd to west of Mt. Bogart, Mt. Sparrowhawk and Mt. Lougheed.

Kona watching glissader on Mt. Kidd

Kona near summit ridge looking at glissader making a quick descent.

Glissading Mt. Kidd bowl

Kona and glissader coming down the lower bowl.

View of Mt. Kidd from Opal South peak

View of Mt. Kidd snow slopes from Opal South a few days earlier.

Mount Lougheed (1400 m elev. gain)

Buddy on Lougheed 2 2007
Buddy on Mount Lougheed

Buddy (7 yrs) on Mount Lougheed Peak 2 in 2007. Pigeon Mountain, Loder Peak, Door Jamb Mountain and Mount Yamnuska behind.

Mount Lougheed Peak 1 from Peak 2

View to Lougheed peak 1 with Bow River Valley, Grotto Mountain Mount Lady Macdonald and Wind Ridge behind.

Mount Lougheed Peak 1 from Peak 2, July 22, 1989

Similar view of peak 1 from peak 2 in July 1989. Quarrying scar on Grotto Mountain noticeably smaller.

Mount Lougheed Peak 2 and Peak 4 Wind Mountain
View of Mount Lougheed Peaks 2 and 4 Wind Mountain from Peak 1 July 22, 1989

View of Mount Lougheed Peaks 2 and 4 (Wind Mountain) from Peak 1 on traverse of the four peaks July 22, 1989. Mount Allan at left.

Wasootch Peak (900 m elev. gain)

Kona on Wasootch Peak
Kona on Wasootch Peak

Kona (1-1/2 years) keeping her eye on the cheeseburger on Wasootch summit. Mount Bogart, Mount Sparrowhawk, Mount Lougheed 1 to 4 (Wind Mountain), Mount Allan, Mount Collembola and Nakiska ski area behind.

Mount Lorette view to Wasootch Ridge, Creek, Tower and Peak 1985

Kona’s “dad” with view of Wasootch Peak with Wasootch Ridge, Wasootch Creek and Wasootch Tower at left from Mount Lorette south ridge climb April 1985.