Mt. Collembola (1650 m elevation gain including Mt. Allan)

Kona on Mount Collembola
Kona on Mount Collembola

Kona (2 yrs) on Mount Collembola on Halloween day – ascent from Skogan Pass trail continuing on to Mount Allan and out Centennial Trail back to Ribbon Creek parking lot, circumnavigating Nakiska ski area. ┬áPigeon Mountain in background.

Mt. Allan (1350 m elevation gain)

Kona on Mount Allan in late October

Kona (2 yrs) on Mount Allan Centennial Ridge route in late October. Mount Collembola and connecting ridge behind. Pigeon Mountain at left, Mount Yamnuska in distance (just past Kona’s nose).

Mount Lougheed (1400 m elev. gain)

Buddy on Lougheed 2 2007
Buddy on Mount Lougheed

Buddy (7 yrs) on Mount Lougheed Peak 2 in 2007. Pigeon Mountain, Loder Peak, Door Jamb Mountain and Mount Yamnuska behind.

Mount Lougheed Peak 1 from Peak 2

View to Lougheed peak 1 with Bow River Valley, Grotto Mountain Mount Lady Macdonald and Wind Ridge behind.

Mount Lougheed Peak 1 from Peak 2, July 22, 1989

Similar view of peak 1 from peak 2 in July 1989. Quarrying scar on Grotto Mountain noticeably smaller.

Mount Lougheed Peak 2 and Peak 4 Wind Mountain
View of Mount Lougheed Peaks 2 and 4 Wind Mountain from Peak 1 July 22, 1989

View of Mount Lougheed Peaks 2 and 4 (Wind Mountain) from Peak 1 on traverse of the four peaks July 22, 1989. Mount Allan at left.

Pigeon Mountain (980 m elev. gain)

Buddy on Pigeon
Buddy on Pigeon Mountain 2003

Buddy (3 yrs) on Pigeon Mountain, Mount McGillivray and Grotto Mountain at left.

Buddy 2 years on Pigeon
Buddy on windy day at Pigeon Mountain

Windy January day on Pigeon Mountain.

Kona on Pigeon Mountain
Kona on Pigeon Mountain

Kona (1-1/2 yrs) on Pigeon Mountain in March. Mount MacGillivray and Skogan Peak behind.

View of a much less developed Canmore from Pigeon Mountain Oct 31, 1982. Wind Ridge, The Orphan, Three Sisters and Mount Rundle visible.