Grizzly Peak (900 m elev gain)

Dogs on Grizzly Peak June 2019

Grizzly Peak June 2019

Grizzly Peak June 2019

Kona Grizzly Peak Jun 2019
Kona on Grizzly Peak June 2019
Grizzly Peak June 2019

Dog park on Grizzly Peak June 1st (can’t remember their names).

Mt. Evan-Thomas Grizzly
Mt. Evan-Thomas, Opal Range from Grizzly Peak

Mt. Evan-Thomas, highest peak in Opal Range from Grizzly Peak (Kona’s “dad” climbed in October 1987 when the 1954 first ascent register was still there and mistakenly naming the peak Packenham).

Opal Range from Mt. James Walker Sept 1996

View of Opal Range with Opal South Peak, Grizzly Peak, Packenham Jr. and King Creek Ridge from Mt. James Walker across the Kananaskis River Valley on Sept 2, 1996.

The Wedge (1100 m elev. gain)

Kona on The Wedge – Fisher Peak behind

Kona near the summit of The Wedge at end of June. Fisher Peak (3054 m) with snow behind.

Kona on The Wedge summit ridge

View back along ridge. Kona skirted under the crux down-climb on easier ground to gain the ridge closer to the summit. Mt. Kidd, Mt. Allan, Mt. Collembola, Nakiska ski resort and Mt. Lorette behind

Kona descending The Wedge scree slopes

Easier ground from low point of ridge to tree line.

Mt. Kidd scramble route from The Wedge – Mt. Bogart behind centre.

Close-up of scramble route up gully on Mt. Kidd, and Mt. Bogart behind.

Mt. Fisher from The Wedge oil 12×16 KrisT 2005

Artistic impression of Fisher Peak from The Wedge.

The Wedge from Mt. James Walker Sept 1996

View of south side of The Wedge and north end of Opal Ridge from Mt. James Walker Sept 2, 1996.

Mt. Kidd (1460 m gain)

Kona on Mt. Kidd – Opal Range at left

Kona on Mt. Kidd in early June. View to south with The Wedge and Opal Range at left, Mt. James Walker on right skyline. Still good step-kicking and glissading snow for most of route. 

Kona on Mt. Kidd – Mts. Bogart, Sparrowhawk and Lougheed behind

View from Mt. Kidd to west of Mt. Bogart, Mt. Sparrowhawk and Mt. Lougheed.

Kona watching glissader on Mt. Kidd

Kona near summit ridge looking at glissader making a quick descent.

Glissading Mt. Kidd bowl

Kona and glissader coming down the lower bowl.

View of Mt. Kidd from Opal South peak

View of Mt. Kidd snow slopes from Opal South a few days earlier.

Wasootch Peak (900 m elev. gain)

Kona on corniced Wasootch Peak summit ridge

Kona eager to get back over the summit ridge on a snowy late April day. The Wedge behind left. l. to r. – Mt. Lawson, Mt. Inflexible, Mt. James Walker, The Fortress, Gusty Peak, and Mt. Kidd.

Descending Mt. Collembola Feb 15, 1998

Wasootch Peak (left of scree ridge) from Mt. Collembola in winter Feb 15, 1998. Nakiska ski area at right.

Mount James Walker (1300 m elev. gain)

Layla on Jas Walker
Layla on Mount James Walker

Layla on Mount James Walker.

Kona on Mount James Walker in August

Kona (2 yrs) on Mount James Walker. Mount Chester, Gusty Peak and Mount Galatea behind.

Mount James Walker outlier Sept 1996

A prominent outlier of Mount James Walker, visible from highway below, with Opal Ridge and Opal Range peaks behind, Sept. 2, 1996.