Snow Peak (900 m elev. gain)

Kona Snow Peak Mt. Smuts Mt. Smutwood Kananaskis
Kona on Snow Peak with Mt. Smuts behind

Kona on Snow Peak on the August long weekend, with Smutwood Peak, Mt. Shark, Mt. Smuts, The Fist and ridge of Mt. Birdwood behind.

Gusty Peak The Fortress Mt. Chester Chester Lake Snow Peak Kananasksis
The Fortress, with Gusty Peak at left and Mt. Chester at right, Chester Lake in shadow from Snow Peak

One of many interesting views from Snow Peak – Gusty Peak, The Fortress and Mt. Chester.

Mt. Sir Douglas Snow Peak Whistling Rock Ridge Burstall Pass Peak Kananaskis Mt. Robertson
Mt. Sir Douglas from Snow Peak

Mt. Sir Douglas, one of the approximately 50 11,000-foot peaks in the Canadian Rockies, with Zeke’s Peak and Whistling Rock ridge on the left and easy Burstall Pass Peak just right of the pass.

Mt. Sir Douglas Snow Peak Burstall Pass Peak Whistling Rock Ridge Mt. Birdwood Mt. Smuts Mt. Smutwood
View toward Snow Peak and Burstall Pass from Mt. Sir Douglas Aug 22 1986

View along Whistling Rock Ridge of Burstall Pass and Snow Peak, left of towering Mt. Birdwood taken from summit of Sir Douglas Aug 22, 1986. Shark, Smuts, Pig’s Tail, Commonwealth, The Fist, Burstall and Piggy Plus also visible.


Another canine friend on way up to the pass (sorry, can’t remember his name). Burstall Pass Peak behind.

Snow Peak in Thunderstorm
Thunderstorm with hail over Snow Peak

Glad to be off the peak with thunderstorm (Kona’s worst nightmare) and hail on the way.


Tent Ridge (823 m gain)

Kona, Ben and Buddy on Tent Ridge

Kona, Ben and Buddy on Tent Ridge Horseshoe hike. View to west, l. to r., Mt. Engadine, The Tower and Mt. Galatea, with part of Gusty Peak and Mt. Chester. Rummel Lake behind Kona’s head.

Roxie, Ben or Buddy and Kona on Tent Ridge

Roxie, Ben (or Buddy) and Kona on Tent Ridge view to north, snow-capped Mt. Nestor and Old Goat Mtn. past Spray Lake Reservoir. Mt. Buller to right of Spray Lake and snow-capped Mt. Lougheed peaks 1 & 2 and Mt. Sparrowhawk behind.

Kona on Tent Ridge – The Fist and Mt. Smuts behind

Kona on first peak of Tent Ridge. The Fist directly behind with snowy Mt. Smuts behind and ridge to Mt. Birdwood at left.

Descending Old Goat Mountain July 27, 1996

View of Tent Ridge at extreme right in notch between Mt. Nestor and snow slope on Old Goat Mountain July 27, 1996. Mt. Sir Douglas, Mt. Birdwood and Mt. Smuts behind Tent Ridge. Spray Lake Reservoir at left.

Smutwood Peak (850 m elevation gain)

Kona on Smutwood Peak in September

Kona (2 yrs) on Smutwood Peak. Mt. Smuts (difficult scramble) behind. Wind Tower, Mount Lougheed peaks 1 & 2 and Mount Sparrowhawk (snowy) in distance.

Kona on Smutwood Peak

Following the group rules.

View to Mt. Birdwood, Mt. Sir Douglas and Burstall Pass from Smutwood Peak

View toward Mount Birdwood, Mount French, Mount Robertson, Whistling Rock Ridge, Zeke’s Peak, Burstall Pass, Mount Sir Douglas and Snow Peak.

Unnamed 8800 ft w of Smuts Pass Mar 4 89-27 Birdwood & Sir Douglas
View to Mt. Birdwood and Mt. Sir Douglas from Smutwood Peak March 4, 1989

Similar view on a ski and hike ascent of what was then just called Unnamed 8800 ft west of Smuts Pass on Mar 4, 1989.

Unnamed 8800 ft w of Smuts Pass Mar 4 89-32
Ptarmigans on Smutwood Peak March 4, 1989

Flock of ptarmigans on Smutwood Peak slopes Mar. 4, 1989.

Mt Birdwood July 23 88-13
Mt. Birdwood July 23, 1988

View of Smutwood Peak at left and Smuts at right from Mt. Birdwood July 23, 1988. Smuts Pass below.