Sulphur Mtn. (700 m gain)

Kona Sulphur March 2018
Kona, “Sister” and Billy after hike up to the Sulphur Mtn. Gondola terminal

Kona, “sister” and Billy in snowy early March conditions on Sulphur Mountain after hike up under the gondola. Cascade Mtn in background.


Deep Snow along trail

Silk Painting view from Sulphur Mountain

Silk painting of view to Mount Rundle from Sulphur Mountain – Western Silk by Karin


Sulphur Mtn (700 m gain)

Kona Sulphur Jan 2018 Rundle
Kona at Sulphur Mtn. Gondola terminal in January – Mt. Rundle behind

A pleasant January day above Banff townsite at the Sulphur Mountain lookout, also accessible by gondola ride. Mt. Rundle summit ridge from Banff end directly behind, Mts. Inglismaldie and Girouard at left background.

Mt Cory Sept 85 -8
Descending Mt. Cory September 1985 – Mt. Rundle and Sulphur Mtn. left of centre

View of Sulphur Mtn. with fire road winding up to the gondola (just right of Mt. Rundle at extreme left) from Mt. Cory on a snowy September 1985 day.

Mt. Rundle (1577 m elev gain)

Kona on Mt. Rundle – Cascade Mtn. behind

Kona (2-1/2 yrs) having a well-deserved rest on Mt. Rundle (peak 2) ascended from Bow Falls parking lot in Banff. Cascade Mtn. at left, Lake Minnewanka and Mt. Aylmer, highest point behind the lake. Mt. Inglismaldie at right. The true summit of Mt. Rundle is further along the ridge, a technical climb from this end.

Kona on Sulphur Mtn. – view to Mt. Rundle

Kona on Sulphur Mountain Jan 2018, view to Mt. Rundle. Highest point of Mt. Rundle is at extreme right. Common scramble summit is fourth peak from the right.

View to common scramble summit from true summit of Mt. Rundle Sept. 1999

View back to common scramble peak of Mt. Rundle from true summit Sept 19, 1999. Cascade Mountain behind, Mt. Norquay and lower slopes of Sulphur Mountain at left.