Devil’s Thumb (740 m elev. gain)

Kona Devil's Thumb
Kona on ledges below Devil’s Thumb, Mt. Lefroy and Mt. Victoria behind

Kona on ledges above Big Beehive in late June, shoulder of Mt. Aberdeen, The Mitre, Mt. Lefroy, and Mt. Victoria behind (Paradise Valley with Mt. Wenkchemna and shoulder of Mt. Hungabee in gap between The Mitre and Lefroy). Plain of The Six Glaciers below.

Kona Devil's Thumb Lake Louise
Kona on Devil’s Thumb, The Beehive, Lake Louise and Chateau below

Kona on summit of Devil’s Thumb with Little Beehive, Lake Agnes & Teahouse (barely visible), The (Big) Beehive, Lake Louise and Chateau Lake Louise below.

plein air painting Devil's Thumb
Plein air painting on Devil’s Thumb

Nice view for sketching.

Lake Agnes, The Beehive and Devil’s Thumb July 25, 1993

View of Devil’s Thumb (at right) with Lake Agnes and The Beehive on a traverse of Mount St. Piran, Mount Niblock and Devil’s Thumb (via scree gulley at right) July 25, 1993.