Whaleback Mtn. (1120m elev. gain)

Kona Whaleback Mtn. Isolated Peak Mt. McArthur Little Yoho Valley Yoho National Park
Kona on Whaleback Mtn. looking down to Little Yoho Valley with Isolated Peak behind and Mt. McArthur at left

Kona on an east-to-west traverse of Whaleback Mtn. in mid-August with Isolated Peak behind and Mt. McArthur at left.

Kona Whaleback Mtn. Mt. Daly Mt. Niles Yoho National Park
Kona on Whaleback Mtn. View to SE of Mt. Daly and Mt. Niles.

View back east along ascent route with long ridge of Mt.Daly and Mt. Niles.

The Vice President The President The Secretary-Treasurer Little Yoho Valley Yoho National Park Whaleback Mtn.
View to south of The Vice President and The President

View to south of The President at right and The Vice President at left with The Secretary-Treasurer at middle above Little Yoho Valley.

Mont des Poilus Arete Peak Glacier des Poilus Whaleback Mtn. Yoho National Park Isolation Peak Lawren Harris Group of Seven
Mont des Poilus with Arete Peak just to the left and Glacier des Poilus at right

Mont des Poilus and glacier to the NNW, mistakenly called Isolation Peak in iconic Lawren Harris (Group of Seven) paintings.

Kona Whaleback Mtn. Plein Air Painting Yoho National Park Little Yoho Valley
Kona on Whaleback Mountain ready to go after 2-1/2 hours

Kona with that “Are we going yet?” look after 2-1/2 hours on the summit and no more McDonalds breakfasts.

Whaleback Mtn. Isolated Peak The President Mtn. Yoho Peak Little Yoho Valley Glacier des Poilus
View of long ridge of Whaleback Mtn. with Isolated Peak at extreme right above Little Yoho Valley from The President July 26, 1987.

View of the long scree ridge of Whaleback from The President July 26, 1987. Yoho Peak and Glacier des Poilus behind with Mt. Collie, Mt. Rhonda, Mt. Gordon and other Wapta Icefield peaks on skyline.

Isolated Peak Whaleback Mtn. Mt. McArthur Mt. Balfour Trolltinder Mtn. Mt. Daly Mt. Hector Yoho National Park
Isolated Peak and long ridge of Whaleback Mtn. from Mt. McArthur August 2005.

View of Whaleback and Isolated Peak from Mt. McArthur – Mt. Balfour, Trolltinder Peak, Trolltinder Glacier, Mt. Hector and Mt. Daly behind.

Mt. Niles The Vice-President Mtn The President Mtn. Iceline Trail Mt. McArthur Isolated Peak Whaleback Mtn. Arete Peak Mont des Poilus
Little Yoho Valley from Mt. Niles

View from Mt. Niles Aug 2005 of Yoho valley with Iceline Trail / The President / The Vice President / Emerald Glacier at left and Whaleback in front of Isolated Peak just right of centre. Mt. McArthur at centre, Arete Peak and Mont des Poilus at extreme right.

Kona and friends on Whaleback in early September

Kona with hiking group on Whaleback Mtn. in early September.

Buddy cooling off at glacier under Isolated Peak

Buddy at toe of glacier under Isolated Peak after hiking the Whaleback in August 2005 on way to scramble up Isolated Peak.