Rimwall Summit (980 m gain)

Kona on Rimwall Summit – Lougheed behind

Kona on Rimwall Summit in late June with Collembola, Allan, Lougheed and Sparrowhawk behind. Kona scampered up and down the two minor cliff-bands near the top after a little coaxing.

Kona on Rimwall Summit rehydrating

Kona keeping hydrated by Knorr chicken broth-flavored water.

Kona descending Rimwall Summit

Kona starting down from summit, Spray Lake Reservoir below with Mt. Nestor and Old Goat Mountain behind.

Three Sisters and The Orphan from Rimwall Summit

View to Three Sisters, with ‘The Orphan’, barely discernible in front of Middle Sister.

Lougheed from Windtower
Mt. Lougheed from Wind Tower oil 12×16 2005 KrisT

Artistic impression of Lougheed peak 1 from Windtower/ Rimwall direction.


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