Wind Ridge (820 m elev. gain)

Kona Wind Ridge Rimwall Summit Mt. Lougheed Kananaskis
Kona on Upper Slopes of Wind Ridge above the Cloud Bank

Rimwall Summit poking through the clouds on the way up, nearing the ridge top in late July.

Kona Wind Ridge Mt. Lougheed Wind Tower West Wind Creek
Kona on Wind Ridge with Lougheed Peaks and Wind Tower behind

Wind Tower and the four Lougheed peaks (peak 4 later renamed Wind Mountain, although the Lougheed viewpoint information at the trail head refers to the Lougheed Massive’s five summits, so includes number 4). A peak west of Banff was originally named Mt. Lougheed before the name was transferred to these supposedly more prestigious-looking peaks in the 1940’s. For some reason the original Mt. Lougheed remains without an official name. Mt. Allan at extreme left.

Wind Ridge Rimwall Summit The Orphan
View SW along Wind Ridge towards Rimwall Summit and The Orphan

View towards Rimwall Summit and to the right “The Orphan.” Big Sister out of frame to the right.


“Timmy”, one of five other dogs we met ascending the trail on our way down.

Wind Ridge Mt. Lougheed Wind Mountain Kananaskis Canmore Bow Valley
View of Wind Ridge from below Lougheed Peak 4 (Wind Mtn.) on Lougheed Peak 1-to-4 Traverse July 22, 1989

View of Wind Ridge, Bow Valley and Grotto Mtn. from steep and loose slopes of Lougheed Peak4 (Wind Mountain) on a long day traverse of the four peaks July 22, 1989.

Wind Ridge Rimwall Summit Grotto Mtn. Bow Valley Canmore
Wind Ridge from Rimwall Summit with Grotto Mtn. behind.

Wind Ridge from ridge of Rimwall Summit June 25, 2017. Grotto Mtn. behind across Bow Valley.



The Orphan (870 m elev. gain)

Kona The orphan
Kona on The Orphan – Middle Sister and Little Sister behind

Kona on “The Orphan” with Middle Sister upper scramble slopes and Little Sister (not a scramble) behind, in late July with some fresh snow on higher peaks.

Kona The Orphan Kananaskis
Kona on The Orphan – Mt. Nestor and Old Goat Mtn. (Unnamed 3150m) behind

Views to Mts. Nestor and Old Goat Mtn. across Spray Reservoir.

Kona The Orphan Rimwall Summit
Kona on The Orphan – Mt. Lougheed and Mt. Sparrowhawk behind Rimwall Summit

Rimwall Summit from Boulder Pass.

Kona Middle Sister The Orphan
Kona and friend descending Middle Sister June 12 2017 with The Orphan alternate approach above the scree slope behind.

View of “The Orphan” above scree slopes just left of centre from Middle Sister Jun 12, 2017. A common approach route to Middle Sister nowadays is via The Orphan from the Spray Lake side instead of up the boulder-filled creek on the Canmore side.

Wind Tower (1,000 m elev. gain)

Kona Wind Tower
Kona on Wind Tower – Mt. Lougheed peak 1 and Mt. Sparrowhawk behind

Kona on Wind Tower on a hot mid-June day. Lougheed (Peak 1) and Sparrowhawk behind. Part of Lougheed Peak 2 is jutting out behind Peak 1.

Kona Wind Tower
Kona on way up Wind Tower – Mt. Nestor and Spray Lake behind

View of Spray Lakes and Mt. Nestor on way up.

Kona Wind Tower
Kona on Wind Tower – Rimwall Summit, Big Sister and Middle Sister behind.

View toward Rimwall showing upper part of scramble route, Big Sister and Middle Sister behind.

Kona Wind Ridge Tower July 2020
Kona on Wind Ridge, Wind Tower behind

View of Wind Tower (centre peak) from Wind Ridge July 2020. Mt. Lougheed peaks at left.

Rimwall Summit (1000 m gain)

DSCF9064 Rimwall Sept 2018
Kona on Rimwall Summit early September – Wind Tower behind

Kona and friend on Rimwall Summit in early September, Wind Tower behind and parts of Peaks 1 & 2 of Mount Lougheed at right. Pyramidal shape Mt. Allan in distance centre and ridge connecting Mt. Collembola at left.

DSCF9651 Rimwall Wind Tower June 2019
Rimwall Summit from Wind Tower

View of Rimwall Summit from Wind Tower June 2019. Big Sister, Middle Sister and The Orphan behind.

Rimwall Summit (980 m gain)

Kona on Rimwall Summit – Lougheed behind

Kona on Rimwall Summit in late June with Collembola, Allan, Lougheed and Sparrowhawk behind. Kona scampered up and down the two minor cliff-bands near the top after a little coaxing.

Kona on Rimwall Summit rehydrating

Kona keeping hydrated by Knorr chicken broth-flavored water.

Kona descending Rimwall Summit

Kona starting down from summit, Spray Lake Reservoir below with Mt. Nestor and Old Goat Mountain behind.

Three Sisters and The Orphan from Rimwall Summit

View to Three Sisters, with ‘The Orphan’, barely discernible in front of Middle Sister.

Lougheed from Windtower
Mt. Lougheed from Wind Tower oil 12×16 2005 KrisT

Artistic impression of Lougheed peak 1 from Windtower/ Rimwall direction.