Rimwall Summit (1000 m gain)


Kona and friend on Rimwall summit in early September, Wind Tower easy scramble behind and Peaks 1 & 2 of Mount Lougheed behind right. Pyramidal shape Mt. Allan in distance center and ridge-connected Mt. Collembola at left.

Kona on Rimwall (980 m gain)


Late June on Rimwall Summit with Colembolla, Allan, Lougheed and Sparrowhawk behind. Kona scampered up and down the two minor cliffbands near the top after a little coaxing. Below, enjoying the Knorr chicken broth flavored water, one way to get her to drink more.


Below, starting down from summit, Spray Lake Reservoir below.


Below, view to Three Sisters, with ‘The Orphan’, barely discernible in front of Middle Sister.


Below, artistic impression of Lougheed from Windtower/ Rimwall direction.

Lougheed from Windtower