Tower of Babel (450m elev. gain)

Kona Moraine Lake Wenkchemna Pass Valley of the Ten Peaks Tower of Babel
Kona on Tower of Babel, Moraine Lake, Wenkchemna Peaks and Pass behind.

Kona glad to be out of the loose ascent gully by 9am in late July – Moraine Lake below, Peaks Six thru Ten behind with Wenkchemna Pass right of centre and Eiffel Peak on far right.

Kona Tower of Babel Consolation Valley Bident Mtn. Mt. Quadra Mt. Bell Panorama Ridge
Kona on Tower of Babel, view up Consolation Valley

The rock sofa pose with Bident Mtn. and one of the four Mt. Quadra peaks and glacier above Consolation Lakes. Panorama Ridge at left and Mt. Bell in centre distance.

plein air painting Tower of Babel Moraine Lake Consolation Lakes
Kona critiquing the plein air painting on Tower of Babel

Mount Babel looming over the Tower of Babel. Bident Mtn. and part of Mt. Quadra at left. Mt. Bowlen at extreme right.

Eiffel Peak Moraine Lake Tower of Babel Mt. Babel Mt. Fay Glacier Mt. Little Mt. Bowlen
Descending Eiffel Peak with Moraine Lake and Tower of Babel below left.

Kona on descent of Eiffel Peak – view l. to r. – Panorama Ridge, Tower of Babel, Moraine Lake, Mt. Babel, Mt. Fay and Fay Glacier, Mt. Little, Mt. Bowlen, Mt. Perren


Tower of Babel (450 m elev. gain)

Buddy on Tower of Babel
Buddy on Tower of Babel

Buddy (6 yrs) on couch on Tower of Babel. Consolation Valley behind with Panorama Ridge, Mount Bell, Bident Mountain and Mount Quadra visible.

Buddy cooling off on Tower of Babel

Buddy found a snow patch on top of Tower of Babel.

Valley of the Ten Peaks from Tower of Babel

View of Wenkchemna Pass and Valley of the Ten Peaks. Deltaform Mountain, Neptuak Mountain, Wenkchemna Peak and Eiffel Peak visible. Moraine Lake below.