Mt. Tyrwhitt (650 m gain)


Buddy (4 yrs) in 2004 on Mt. Tyrwhitt in Highwood Pass area, view to north-west at Kananaskis Lakes.

Below, at the rock arch looking north.

Mt. Indefatigable from Mt. Sarrail Aug 25 1996

King Creek Ridge (830 m gain)

Kona on King Creek Ridge in early May

Kona on King Creek Ridge after deep snow slog in early May. Mt. Evan-Thomas, highest peak in the Opal Range, behind.

Kona on return from King Creek Ridge summit in early May

Kona on return route from King Creek Ridge summit with Mt. Wintour in centre, Elpoca Mtn. at left and Kananaskis Lakes at right.

Grizzly Peak (900 m elev. gain)

Kona on Grizzly Peak October 2016

Kona on Grizzly Peak in late October. View to south with Kananaskis Lakes and Hwy 40. Easy scramble with good trail, much better than last time here in 1988!

Kona on descent from Grizzly Peak

Less wintry conditions in valley below summit.

Cave on Grizzly Peak June 1988

Hobbit house on 1988 scramble route up Grizzly Peak.