Mount Lipsett (710 m elev. gain)

Kona on Mount Lipsett

Kona on Mount Lipsett in late September. Mount Storelk in the Elk Range behind at left (Kona’s “dad” climbed on Sept 21, 1997).

Kona on Mount Lipsett trail. Mist Mountain behind

Kona on trail to Mount Lipsett. View to the Mist Mountain scramble route up the scree and rock ridge from the Lipsett / Mist col (Kona’s “dad” climbed on Nov. 11, 1987).

Kona on Mount Lipsett View to Highwood Pass

Highwood Pass from Mount Lipsett with Mount Pocaterra and Highwood Ridge at left; Gap Mountain at centre; Mount Elpoca, Mount Rae and Little Arethusa and Mount Arethusa in the Misty Range at right.

Loki on descent trail from Mount Lipsett

Loki (11 months) on trail after ascending Mount Lipsett.